Family Force 5 – Cray Button

By Brandon J. on September-25-2012 | Filed under Chanson Maudit Viagra.

Family Force 5 have released their new music video for the track “Cray Button” featuring Lecrae. Watch it below. The song is now available on iTunes.

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ATLANTA, Ga – September 25, 2012 –Today FAMILY FORCE 5 is debuting a newly remixed song, “Cray Button,” featuring GRAMMY-nominated hip-hop artist LeCrae. The original track was released in May on the digital EP III.V. In addition to the song available on iTunes (click here to purchase), FAMILY FORCE 5 is premiering the fanpowered music video today. Click here to watch the newly posted music video, which was directed by Isaac Deitz. Fans can also watch the music video premiered on yesterday.

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The “Cray Button” video was funded through a Kickstarter campaign giving their die-hard fans a personal experience to be a part of this music video. The video was shot in Texas this summer with hundreds of fans joining the fun. Fans traveled as far as from California to be a part of this video. Following the taping, FAMILY FORCE 5 held a private concert for all of the participants. Another special guest is in the “Cray Button” video YouTube celeb Meekakitty. She has used the band’s song “Zombie” in one of her videos.

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“Family Force 5 are a fun bunch of guys and are extremely creative,” shares Chad Horton, Co-Owner at on premiering the video. “We’re ecstatic about being able to come alongside with them to serve.”

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Family Force 5 is finishing up a run in Australia and will begin the “Music With A Mission” tour with Disciple, DA’ T.R.U.T.H, Icon For Hire, Bread of Stone and Willet. This tour begins on September 28 (dates below). Music With A Mission tour and CURE are partnering up to save the lives of children in Uganda who are suffering from Hydrocephalus, a deadly brain condition that affects nearly 400,000 newborns each year globally.

Soul Glow (Solomon Olds), Crouton (Jacob Olds), Phatty (Joshua Olds), Nadaddy (Nathan Currin), Chap Stique (Derek Mount) continue to evolve and create music that take their fans on a journey.
FAMILY FORCE 5’s latest studio album, III, marks a dynamic shift and takes the group back to their rock roots, resurrecting the heavy guitars and bombastic beats of their debut. Unadulterated energy ties the band’s unstoppable genre hopping as FAMILY FORCE 5.

This year FAMILY FORCE 5 has pulled out all the stops to give a hands-on experiences to their fans. The band has taped three fanpowered music videos involving fans from their latest studio release III as well as hosted an intimate acoustic tour, “Rise Up.” All of these efforts point to the band’s rebirth and going back to the roots of who they are as FAMILY FORCE 5.

FAMILY FORCE 5 have earned a loyal following culled from their endless touring and chart-topping albums. The group’s previous album, 08’s Dance or Die, debuted on the Billboard Top 200 chart at #30 and the Modern Rock chart at #8 with 13,000 copies sold in the first week. An Alternative Press magazine cover story followed and the group co-headlined the completely sold-out “Alternative Press Fall Tour” with 3OH!3 and The Maine

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19 Responses to 'Family Force 5 – Cray Button'

  1. So that’s what happens when you hit the Cray button

  2. Iaya97 says:

    Cool video, song is kind of obnoxious, it’s interesting to see Lecrae do something this stupid.

    • Ryan Campbell says:

      exactly my thoughts… it’s rare that this happens with Lecrae, but I mean at least he doesn’t seem to take it too seriously

    • Iaya97 says:

      I do like how he has a bit of a thesis statement of why he and FF5 are doing the song – “Everybody is serious looking for deep material, chill and turn up the stereo and dance like me.” I just hope that this is a one-off way of looking at music for him. I think FF5 have their place as Christian party music, though they are definitely capable of more and better things.

  3. Lecrae’s verse is bomb.

  4. iamjustin says:

    if you hit the cray button with a hammer lecrae pops out and raps?

  5. Lucas says:

    I think cheese toast should pop out when you hit the cray button. And I promise I’m not trying to make another “cheese” joke about FF5, I just really like cheese toast.

  6. jthejust says:

    LOL at all those American flags at the beginning and end.

  7. drum_mer says:

    Crae (Not cray) was the best part about this obviously.

  8. Len says:

    It was well done, fun.

  9. MrM says:

    *Adjusts bow tie*

  10. Chris says:

    If I push the “cray” button, will that make it stop?

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