Metaphysical Monday: Writing Hiatus

By Seth Hecox on September-24-2012 | Filed under Essay About Best Friends.

Metaphysical Monday:  Writing Hiatus

Hey guys, I love writing this column, and I know you love reading it more than life itself (what?  You don’t?  How arrogant of me?), but I will unfortunately have to put the column on pause while I do CD release show stuff.  My band, Becoming The Archetype, has just released a new album and now we must do what all good Christian bands do:  play CD release shows and show how super-incredibly-sick our new material is.  Yeah.

So I’ll be super busy with that and don’t want to compromise the integrity of the column (which is obviously of the highest, most insane level possible.  What?  Arrogant again?).  So I’ll lay off for a little while and you guys can have a break from my devastatingly witty humor and cuttingly intelligent brain (AGAIN???) for at least a little bit.

So enjoy the break.  Do good in school.  Brush your teeth.  And remember, Somebody up there loves you.

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9 Responses to 'Metaphysical Monday: Writing Hiatus'

  1. TheArchangel says:

    I suppose this constitutes as a good excuse.
    Thanks for your great, insightful writing so far, Count Seth… muchly appreciated.

    Now go STOKE those fans with (*growls like Chris McCane*) BTA AWESOMENESS!!

  2. Editing Services For Dissertation there. says:

    After staring at that picture that you drew for over an hour (like the kid stares at a plastic bag in American Beauty), I realized that you have every right to be arrogant.

  3. How Will A Business Plan Help. says:

    Come back soon Seth. We’ll miss you here :)

  4. D C says:

    I saw you guys live last night, you guys ruled!

  5. Jake C says:

    Love the new album man! Hope for the best!

  6. This is also known as a “wriatus”.

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