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By Brandon J. on September-24-2012 | Filed under Prepare Cv Online.

Check out the brand new music video from Uwb Phd Thesis. for their song “Foundation”, below.

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43 Responses to 'For Today – Foundation'

  1. Bump Galletta says:

    good stuff. and also a warehouse video…

  2. thruchristalone777 says:

    Much better than their previous video.

  3. says:

    Good video, if a little overdramatic.

    Are American Christians the only ones that have these weird persecution fantasies?

    • Brandon J. says:

      Yes, the American persecuted Metalcore band. I want to hear a real persecuted Christian metal band from the middle east. Now that would be a dangerous listen.

    • Smacky X says:

      The video is telling a story Jay, so “drama” is a pretty crucial element in the process. Artists, christian or not, are releasing videos daily with some pretty outlandish and spectacular story lines. That’s a big part of what the medium of film is for, last time I checked. It’d be one thing if they said that this is their reality, or that they know that 2035 will bring this type of persecution about for Christians. But this an “imagine if” and it’s rooted both in the experience of the New Testament church and the experiences of Christians today. And it might be painting a picture of what some of the Christians watching it will face some day, and getting us to think outside our cushy North American ethnocentrism… I think describing it as a “fantasy,” as if it’s a wish they want fulfilled, is a little condescending.

    • I just laughed really, really hard. I wish to have the type of unwavering confidence in God’s will, should I ever need to give up my life for Christ, but I feel like these guys have been SO bold in their lyrics, that this video is just over the top for me. “For Today Leader Not Cooperating”? “Persecution Trial”? I agree with the notion that this is a “weird persecution fantasy” in the sense that they’re wishing they were martyrs in a more extreme way than they are. If they’re made fun of for their corny movie or their overtly bold lyrics I wouldn’t be surprised, but there’s a difference between asking and wishing for and idealizing persecution and bearing it with joy. I don’t doubt that these guys are good guys or that their hearts are in the right place, but the way they portray their music and this video give the perception of an attitude of idolizing martyrdom – to put it maybe too bluntly, but at least that’ll give people something to talk about :) I am fully willing to retract that statement if anybody can convince me otherwise (which might not take much convincing)

    • Smacky X says:

      So the video would not have been over the top had their lyrics been less bold? whaaaa?

      Where and when can you point to For Today asking for, wishing for or idealizing persecution? Because they created a fictitious story depicting it? I guess John Reuben is guilty of idolizing ice cream trucks (Do Not) and Love and Death have a kidnapping fantasy (Chemicals.)

      What these guys are “guilty” of is challenging the church on it’s apathy, complacency and hypocrisy, with the use of extreme imagery to make that point. That method reminds me of Jesus who talked about bringing a sword to divide people, having to “hate” your family, selling everything you own, and taking up your cross (modern day equivalent expressions: giving yourself a lethal injection, strapping yourself to an electric chair, or trying a noose around your neck.)

      I am really surprised that, given the endless music videos with sensational story lines and imagery, that this video seems to arbitrarily be getting pegged with weird characterizations for doing the same. A discussion about “out there” stories in videos could go on for years. Criticizing this is like seeing The Avengers and criticizing the movie makers for all the absurd characters, action sequences and plot lines that don’t mesh with reality.

      It’s funny. Bands do performance videos, and people complain there was no story. This video tells a story, and people complain that the story isn’t “real life” and go on to explain the band’s psyche and thought process…haha

    • The point I made about their lyrics was that it’s consistent throughout their albums: extremely bold and audacious claims against hell, and in regards to never surrendering. Maybe it’s just the “I’m so macho” vibe I get, but it always seems to come across as a bit too bold. Not that I don’t believe that Jesus’ name is the most powerful one in the universe and that he gives us grace to overcome difficulties and grows us through our trials, it’s just…maybe I feel that it’s kind of unrealistic to claim that you’ll never fall down. or maybe my expectations aren’t high enough. I think I see God working through our weakness and His power and grace…more often then I see Him working through our uber-confidence in the power we have in him. but maybe that’s just a North American bias b/c we don’t see much of that around here. Maybe “idolizing persecution” was too far, but I did kind of want to see if that would make anyone work through that concept – and you kind of did Smacky. I just feel like it was more corny than it needed to be.

  4. Taylor C. says:

    …Didn’t AILD do a similar video last year?

    • Smacky X says:

      True dat

    • CommanderKeen says:

      –yes they did. And I liked that one a lot better…

      In light of the recent release of Pastor Youcef from prison, I don’t know how I feel about this video. I understand the concept and thematic ideas, but it just doesn’t seem like the right time for it. I’m probably alone in that thought though. Oh well. Song’s nothing too spectacular either.

    • Smacky X says:

      Just curious- what connection do you see between the pastor’s release and this video that makes you feel like the timing isn’t good?

    • CommanderKeen says:

      Its probably just the way they portray persecution in the video. It looks too glamorous. The whole futuristic, Judge Dredd-vibe, for me at least, sends kind of the wrong message. Especially when this kind of thing is happening now in other parts of the world. I really don’t think that many of us Americans really understand what it’s like to actually be a persecuted Christian. Not trying to start another never-ending For Today thread, but the video just rubs me the wrong way.

  5. Britt says:

    Idk why but i feel a bit shocked that they showed band members being executed. That’s legit that they are making that declaration of faith, but that took me by surprise.

  6. Joeshmooga says:

    There was a similar vid done by Nine Lashes in their song “Anthem of the Lonely”. The band was in a warehouse rockin’ out, while the other bandmembers were being held captive, beat up, and interrogated by Russian mafia thugs.

  7. MrM says:

    I actually enjoyed the video and the song quite a bit. Nothing groundbreaking of course, but a solid song. And the video was quite enjoyable. I find nothing wrong with it, I see it as them representing the people/Christians that are actually facing situations like that, that AREN’T being publicized or broadcast across big screens. The executions were tastefully done in my opinion (as tasteful as execution can be I guess…), and help to emphasize the intensity of the situation, at least I think so. AILD’s “Anodyne Sea” video was better IMO, just a bit more creative I thought, and the execution in that one hit me a lot harder, and it’s always good when a bit of emotion (no matter how small) is stirred by the artist’s work. Also, the amount of warehouse in this video is forgivable hahah

  8. David Green says:

    I actually liked this video quite a bit. I just think it’s really inspirational to see guys who are so passionate about their faith. They don’t care if people think they’re over the top or even weird about it because they’re so focused on God, and that’s really cool to see. Props to For Today. I actually really like them (more for how bold they are in their faith than for their music, but I like their music too).

  9. Chris says:

    Just a reminder: Audacity is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

    Some Christians get hyped on compulsive calls by “prophets” and preachers to be bold, and end up going on missions while their children – who they are called by God to raise – get molested by those left in charge of them.

    This is by no means directed at the band or this video, but a group of For Today fans who love them for their “boldness”.

    My point is, the BOLDEST thing a Christian band can do is proclaim Jesus Christ crucified for God’s glory and for our sins and raised for our justification.

    I’m not knocking vague lyrics, or some personal stories or repetitive new praise songs, but my idea of bold is putting Bible verses to music. There. THAT’S bold.

    • David Green says:

      I’m trying to figure out if you’re saying liking For Today for their boldness is wrong…. I guess I just don’t really get the point of your comment. You seem to say two things that contradict each other; first you seem to say that being really bold isn’t a fruit of the Spirit and may not be right, but then you say you don’t think that Christian music is bold enough because it doesn’t include Bible verses.

      Also, Christians who go on missions may change many lives in what they do. They’re not responsible for someone molesting their children, which seems to be what you’re suggesting. I’m not saying I think everyone should go on missions; only some are called for that.

      I just feel like your comment is essentially saying “For Today is audacious. People who like them for their boldness are not liking them for a good Christian reason. Also, For Today is not bold enough with their lyrics like ‘I will stand on the Word of my God, with everything’ because they don’t use Bible verses in their music,” and I would disagree with all of that.

    • Chris says:

      I guess because I’ve had the frightening, sad misfortune of seeing many sermons from the Ramp, where Mattie is involved, I want to reiterate that every Christian is called to walk with the Lord, pray, praise, read His Word, be discipled, go to church, preach the Gospel but – mainly – believe and repent of their sin.

      Not every Christian is called to risk their lives for Jesus.

      In the case of some people, it may even be a sin for them to put their bodies in harm’s way unnecessarily.

      There’s a militaristic angle to a lot of rallies, sermons, etc. today that is NOT Biblical.

      I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, I’m just saying that the one thing we are called to be bold on is proclaiming the Gospel.

    • Chris says:

      By “it” I mean the song and music video.

  10. Len says:

    David, just like he (Chris) didn’t study the actual word of God outside of what he wants to see… he sees For Today the same way. He is hitting upon some points that are irritabilities… but he uses those irritabilities to proclaim what he thinks is right… not necessarily getting the healing from the Lord that is needed. Instead, he harps on others, with some points that no one can really deny are troubling, but are used to be malicious supporting points that are not directly connected to the topic.

    Is For Today the ultimate of how God ministers to people? No…. and the guys would never say that, either. They are just trying to point people to God. If that is to be knocked, then it is probably knocked for the wrong reasonings.

  11. Len says:

    I have done similar things before, myself…. so, I speak from the blind pain that I used to carry, also.

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