As I Lay Dying “Awakened” Full Album Stream

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As I Lay Dying “Awakened” Full Album Stream

You can stream the entire new As I Lay Dying album “Awakened” Doctoral Dissertation Search. . Now what do you think?

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32 Responses to 'As I Lay Dying “Awakened” Full Album Stream'

  1. Service Innovation Thesis. says:

    Cool. Solid album, as usual, but thats 2 b expected.

  2. Smacky X says:

    It’s a 5 for me…

  3. Taylor C. says:

    So far, “Resilience” and “Wasted Words” are the tracks that make me want to crunch baby rabbits with my feet.

    I’d love there to be a lot less singing, but it’s still a great album.

    • Stephen says:

      Agreed on both counts. Everything about the album sounds great, but I could stand a few tracks without the singing. “My Only Home” is a little radio-friendly, and “Tear Out My Eyes” hasn’t grabbed me like I thought it would, although that solo is downright nasty.

      Taylor, that baby rabbits image is this album in a snapshot. Nicely done.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Defender is SIIICK that opening progression is so beefy

  5. scott says:

    Resilience is pretty dang nasty, especially the end. I’m also loving the tapping on the last song. That alone makes the cost of the album for me.

  6. thruchristalone777 says:

    I am really liking this album! I think I’ll most likely be picking it up tomorrow.

  7. Luke Foster says:

    I like it a lot, but im looking forward to when they step out of their comfort zone a little bit.

  8. Lucas says:

    I’ve never liked As I Lay Dying very much, but I am loving this album so far. So much so I’m actually quite shocked.

  9. Mike K says:

    I don’t believe I say it… but the album sounds GREAT! I’m really really enjoying it! fun listen for sure, sounds like “4” to me!

  10. Jared says:

    I’m surprised the review hasn’t been put up yet… Unless there hasn’t been one done yet.

  11. JonBoy says:

    Excited to see these guys tonight. The Album sounds great.

  12. Lucas says:

    Definitely give this a 4/5 to say the least after multiple listens. The ambient tone in some of the songs reminds me of Holding Onto Hope’s album last year. (which is a fantastic thing!)

  13. Yorik Bruhl says:

    Lost me at whispering silence.

  14. Zac says:

    where’s the review?

  15. Chris says:

    I’m dirt poor, but felt like buying a track, so I bought “Tear Out My Eyes”.

    It and the rest of the album are pretty solid, but I think Becoming The Archetype’s “I Am” gets the edge.

    As I Lay Dying would be a top 10 favorite band of mine if they cut all the singing out.

    They also suffer from Under0̷ath Syndrome in which the lyrics are generally very ambiguous (with Under0̷ath ironically titled an album “Disambiguation”).

    Let us not forget that there is a new Living Sacrifice album early next year.

    • Zac says:

      I actually felt that the clean vocals on I Am were some of the most obnoxious and annoying vocals I’ve ever heard.
      Just bought the special edition today at the store, very good album

    • “Chris”,
      U make sum gud points+ i can c y people r complainin about the singin this time around, cuz its on almost every trak on this album, wich is goin way ovaboard 4 me as wel n can detract from the music. They hav had that element of ther vocals ther 4 years, but not 2 this extent. Its almost like ther a emo-metal-cor band now, lol. Maybe thats y i like the rawness of ther old material as wel, cuz ther wasnt as much singin+ it was wel placed wen they did it. Here it just seems forced. And we can only hope about a new ls album as wel, lol.

      I can c y sumbody wud find em slitlely anoyin on the new bta, but at least its only 4 like 3 songs on the whole album, not almost every trak, like the new aild. I also feel that the cleans on the new bta wer placed beta than the new aild.

    • Taylor C. says:

      I love the cleans on BTA. Very unique.

  16. taras says:

    I love AILD. I do enjoy the album when I listen to it. I did buy it and torrent it. Either way I think its a side step for AILD. I don’t think it was a good idea for them to go with a new producer. I think they should go back to Adam D. or maybe try Matt Goldman next time round.

    I think this album is a 7/10 for me. I can’t stand how every track has singing. It just doesn’t sound good to me. Come on I am listening to AILD not some emo metalcore band from Rise or ets.

    I can’t get over this release. I will still listen to it and I will like just few songs. This is like Decas to me. Another various release from AILD. Looking forward to a solid album hopefully next time around.

    I will be jamming to the amazing Powerless Rise and An Ocean Between Us albums.

    What do you guys think so far? Don’t deny that the singing doesn’t bother you on this release.

    • Taylor C. says:

      I don’t think many people will agree with you, but I do. Awakened doesn’t even come close to An Ocean or Powerless. I think it’s a lot better than Decas, but that goes without saying. …And the amount of singing is irritating.

      It isn’t a bad album by any means, but it is a “side step.”

    • Smacky X says:

      Taras’ double-negative is throwing me off (wondering whether or not he is saying what he meant to say) but I won’t deny that the singing doesn’t bother me on this release. (The singing doesn’t bother me on this release- I really like it) It’s hands-down my favorite album of theirs, with An Ocean Between Us being my next favorite. And while I did not dislike The Powerless Rise by any means, I thought it was a side-step at best after AOBU.

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