Check Out: Kronicles

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Check Out: Kronicles

Do you like rock mixed with Dubstep? What you say. I am serious, Kronicles are the real deal. Mixing elements of rock, dubstep, and electronica into their own unique innovative take they are labeling “Rockstep”. The band just released their brand new ep “Illuminate” on Tuesday. Check out their song “Illuminate” below. You can also listen to clips off their new album over on their official website here. What do you think? [Facebook]

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19 Responses to 'Check Out: Kronicles'

  1. Cool, but wasnt ther an old rapcor band called kronicles like 10 years ago? Lol. If so, bands need 2 reserch names beta.

  2. silentthunder89 says:

    They released at least two full albums and an ep. They released The Songmaker in ’05, The Never End ep in ’07 and also Reset in ’10. Personally I like their rock sound better. I was kinda disappointed to hear they had changed styles.

  3. Iaya97 says:

    Needs more guitars a la Korn’s latest release with Skrillex. Don’t hate me for that, I actually liked what they did at times. The other parts were pretty terrible, though.

  4. DubRocker says:

    Kronicles has been evolving thru the years. This dubstep rock mix is the best yet. You gotta hear “I Need You” and “Losing Sleep”, those song have the guitars you seek!

  5. stefcore says:

    I used to like these guys back in the day… even got “The Songmaker” album…. But this sounds a bit like a very, very poor mans’ version of Celldweller.

  6. scott says:

    Good thing this dubstep thing isn’t a fad and is going to last forever…

  7. Luke Foster says:

    Um no, dont like this, their first self titled album released a couple years ago was awesome, this is lame, dubstep needs to die.

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