Esterlyn – Everyday Your Love Is New

By Brandon J. on September-18-2012 | Filed under College Admission Essay About Sports.

Check out the brand new Cheap Windows 7 Laptops Uk check. music video for their song “Everyday Your Love Is New”. The band’s new album, “Woven”, is out today.

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3 Responses to 'Esterlyn – Everyday Your Love Is New'

  1. Besides the obvious, this music video was one of the more creatively shot and planned out Rock – Worship music videos. I did find, however, that the strings they used, because of the texture, instead of looking cool and fun or whatever they were going for, they felt restrictive and messy. If their intention with the visuals was to portray how cookie cutter stereotype fad-following Christians who are tangled up in the screwed up, messiness of humanity can still worship God than they succeeded at that. I don’t think that was their intention though.

  2. I liked it…a bit hard to watch at the beginning because my eyes were freaking out with all the flashing images…but I loved the creativity. Good song too.

  3. Luke Foster says:

    Lame, bring back the lamps sound!

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