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Abel have released their new album, “Make it Right”, and you can download/stream it here via bandcamp (or listen below).

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10 Responses to 'Abel'

  1. Kurtis says:

    Wow! 5 outta 5! I Love this album! Such a leap forward!

  2. Kurtis says:

    Okay, so I caught the album release tour tonight down in Danbury CT. With openers, Sons. Both are great bands but in the past I’ve favored Sons. Abel, over the course of 3 albums have gotten a bit more raw and edgey, in a good way! And Sons live sets are very atmospheric! The two bands are matched great with each other! Sons album, out earlier this year is still a contender for album of the year. And after hating Abels first album and being bored with Lesser Men, I LOVE Make it right! Pick these albums up,support these guys on tour, and share with the world just how great indie rock can be!

  3. Kurtis says:

    I hate to be the only person pushing this new album, but it’s amazing imo. Is IVM doing a review?

  4. jthejust says:

    Love this album. “15 years” is incredible!

  5. dcg says:

    Folks, this really is a good album. I like the 2nd half of the album the best. Daughter and A Grief Observed are my favorites thus far.

  6. Jordan says:

    very good album. highly recommended! if you like Brand New or As Cities Burn you need to pick up this album.

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