Mysterious RED Teaser

By Brandon J. on September-17-2012 | Filed under Buy An Research Paper.

Mysterious RED Teaser

This mysterious RED teaser video just went up. What do you think it means? Discuss.

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23 Responses to 'Mysterious RED Teaser'

  1. That’s almost exactly 2 years after Until We Have Faces. (In fact, it’s 2 years and 4 days to the date after the last one.) Pretty cool. Looking forward to that day so I can pick up their new album. Was kinda disappointed there weren’t any snippets of new material at all though.

  2. TheArchangel says:

    Obviously a new album, seeing as both I&I and UWHF were released in February, each two years apart, and they’ve been Facebooking studio updates and such for a while.

    The music sounds like part of an intro track. R3D’s gotta have one of those you know…

    Gettin’ pumped waaaay too early! Thanks, R3D… Thanks….

  3. MrM says:

    Looking forward to this. For sure. Long wait though :/ Anyhow, even if I don’t love the whole CD, they always manage to put out a handful of great songs I’ll listen to repeatedly for a long time afterwards. Feed the Machine!

  4. Luke Foster says:

    They like putting albums out in feb thats for sure

  5. jdski says:

    Maybe they’re breaking up.

  6. Custom Written College Papers here. says:

    Red has been a “guilty pleasure” band for me. I just normally don’t care for the style that they play, but they do it really well. Lately, however, I feel like they just don’t have enough variety and their albums all just kinda bleed together. I do hope they can mix it up and branch out a bit.

    • Smacky X says:

      Until We Have Faces seems to me to be the most diverse of the three of theirs. Feed the Machine is arguable their heaviest song, the piano driven “Hymn for the Missing” is likely their softest, you have songs like “Who We Are” with an almost disco-like beat, and a grungier feel throughout than I feel the first two albums has. It’s still a “typical” Red release, but I think they’ve been moving (albeit slowly) in a direction of more diversity.

  7. Lucas says:

    This isn’t my favorite genre by any means, but I enjoy Red a lot more than most artists in the genre. (Linkin Park, Skillet, etc.) I think Red could make a fantastic album if they switch it up a little bit, but I have a feeling it’ll be same old same old. Still excited though! :)

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