Sean Michel Announces “Electric Delta” Project

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Sean Michel Announces “Electric Delta” Project

Rock ‘n’ Roller Start College Essay Yourself. .) Check out Michel’s statement below:

Ya’ll were the ones who made “Back to the Delta” happen, and now we’re following it up with “Electric Delta.” We’ve been touring around the country and playing the songs from “Back to the Delta”, but we play them with a full band. We want to record those songs in the way we play them live. We’ve also got a few new original tunes that will be laid down. As with “Back to the Delta”, we can’t do this without you. We hope you loved that album so much that you will want to invest in making the follow-up.

We haven’t started promoting this project yet. We figured those of you who supported us with “Back to the Delta” should get first crack at this new project. We have a promo video that’s not quite done yet, but we just couldn’t wait to let ya’ll know about this… So hopefully you’ll head on over to the A Good Argument Essay. page to find out more about the project, check out one of the contribution packages that works for you, and help make this record with us.

And its not a secret… so by all means, tell everyone you know. We just haven’t got all of our promotional ducks in a row yet, and we’ll launch a full scale promo in the next few days. But it’d be great to get a jump-start on things with ya’ll. So go get yourself a copy of this new record that hasn’t been made yet. If you liked “Back to the Delta”, you’re gonna love this one too. Just Essay Writer Org. to check out more about it and spread the word.

Thanks. We love ya’ll… can’t wait to make this record with you and for you.
Sean Michel and The Boys.

If you want a little taste of what Sean Michel does, check out the following music video.

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5 Responses to 'Sean Michel Announces “Electric Delta” Project'

  1. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    Woah. Little bit of southern rock in there? Almost sounds like Neon Horse at times, too.

  2. zinnyzxx says:

    Got “back to the delta” on vinyl. Good stuff, but an album with the full band- that sounds amazing

  3. I saw Sean play at Lifelight, and he was absolutely amazing! I was actually heading over to see House of Heroes, but I heard him playing on one of the small stages.
    I stopped to listen, and ended up staying for his whole set (and missing House of Heroes), and it was absolutely worth it! That’s how good he is! I got to talk to him afterwards as well, and he is the most down-to-earth guy that you’ll ever meet. You can tell that he really takes an interest in his fans and he really has a heart for ministry. I also bought his albums “I Know I’ve Been Converted” and “Back to Delta”, and they’re both outstanding!

    Long story short… go and buy all of this guy’s albums and make sure to get out and see him live if you get the chance! You won’t be disappointed!

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