Becoming the Archetype – The Time Bender

By Brandon J. on September-13-2012 | Filed under Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Philippines.

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September 13, 2012 – Metal provocateurs BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE are excited to share their new music video for “The Time Bender.” The video – debuting exclusively via Metal Injection – comes less than a week before the release of the band’s anticipated fifth album, I AM – set to drop in stores and online September 18th from Solid State Records.

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“The video is consistent with the look and feel of the photos for this album,” explains ARCHETYPE mastermind Seth Hecox. ”Both are dark, grimy, inner-city. I was really drawn to the atmosphere created in Sin City, and that vibe worked perfectly with the sound that was captured on I AM.”

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Watch ‘The Time Bender’ at Metal Injection:

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“Our good friend David Prindle directed the video,” adds Hecox. “He completely understood the vision I had for it and, luckily, he is a true artist and came through with lots of great details that I’d never dreamed of. He made it a truly graphic novel style video. People will love the video because it’s fun, it’s funny and you can tell we care about making unique, quality art. We hope everyone catches on to all the subtleties of names and character traits!”
After building a career on dazzlingly artistic metal offerings and fresh off their most inventive album yet in 2011’s Celestial Completion, BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE have created their most baffling album yet in I Am. It’s an album that is baffling first and foremost because it’s not meant to be baffling. An album that is less about reinventing heavy music than it is reinventing BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE. Which isn’t to say listeners won’t find the band doing its usual mind-warping and genre-bending, but as Hecox explains, the point of this album wasn’t to transcend the artform of metal music, it was to master it.

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“I AM is 100% head banging riffs,” Hecox says. “Gone are the sitars and horns of Celestial Completion. Instead, we’ve crafted an album full of the heaviest and most technical songs we’ve ever written.”

Recorded with producer Shane Frisby (BURY YOUR DEAD, THE GHOST INSIDE), I AM, as the title suggests, is also a statement of an album that puts a new stamp on who BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE is and what it stands for following an inter-band shakeup – one that cleared the path for Hecox to assemble a true dream team of musicians around him.

After seven years and four acclaimed albums with longtime label Solid State Records, BTA is in the unique situation of being an accomplished veteran band with a roster comprised largely of young, hungry, wildly talented musicians poised for their first real test on the national front. It’s a fact that isn’t lost on the band who are embracing this perceived new lease on life as an opportunity to both reinvigorate the band’s wide fan base and tap into a huge cross-section of metal fans who previously might have balked at BTA’s unbridled, manic creativity.

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21 Responses to 'Becoming the Archetype – The Time Bender'

  1. Andy K says:

    Great video! The song is pretty sweet too.

  2. scott says:

    The elevator…

  3. Lucas says:

    This video is so awesome I really don’t know what to do with myself. It’s more interesting than half the action flicks that show in theaters these days! You guys did an incredible job Seth!! (wherever you are) :)

  4. Taylor C. says:

    This was awesome! Greatest replay value of any music video I’ve seen.

    Also, the “assembling an expert team” is a good representation of the I Am album. I’m gonna pretend Lumburgh is Jason Wisdom.

  5. Jake Potter says:

    this reminds me of the art direction of sin city

  6. Lucas says:


  7. WarriorSam says:

    great video… decent song..

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