My Heart to Fear Sign With Solid State Records

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My Heart to Fear Sign With Solid State Records

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September 12, 2012 – Solid State Records is excited to announce the latest addition to its already impressive roster of artists: Pennsylvania metallers MY HEART TO FEAR, who are wasting no time in announcing the November 20 release of their debut EP, Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity.

The EP follows up several DIY releases that showcased the band’s penchant for technical riffs, swaggering vocals and sky-high choruses, elements that helped them build the fervent fanbase that supports them today.
The Williamsport, PA-based act hails from the same geographic region and musical circles that spawned a number of metalcore successes in recent years – most notably genre giants AUGUST BURNS RED, in addition to the likes of TEXAS IN JULY (Equal Vision) and THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE (eOne Entertainment). While a less confident band may look to steal a page or two out of those artists’ playbooks, MY HEART TO FEAR are intent on forging their own sound.
“When we write music we don’t stick to any one formula,” explains vocalist Trevor Pool. “We don’t write to please a certain group of people or to fit into specific genres. Nor do we sit down with a preconceived idea of what a song should or should not sound like. Instead we allow the music itself to reveal subconscious and spiritual paths. Rather than deriving inspiration solely from music, we find influence in the world around us and aim to transpose these non-musical entities into the musical aspects of a song.”
With the release of Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity, MY HEART TO FEAR stand as a sterling example of a band whose work ethic and persistence on an independent level has paid off.

“Signing with Solid State is a huge step for us,” says Pool. “It is almost surreal to look back at all of the literal blood, sweat, and tears of our journey and to wonder what we would have thought at each phase if we could have seen, just for a moment, where we are now. We love the family-centered mentality of the Solid State staff and artists and hope to strengthen the family in whatever way possible!”

For MY HEART TO FEAR, family is just one cornerstone of four pillars of support that have helped the band push on and persevere: Family. Faith. Pride. Brotherhood. It’s a saying that has become something of a mantra for the band and demonstrates their belief that, for as much as they believe in their own abilities, they wouldn’t be where they are without the support of others.

“We want to encourage everyone to not just shoot for their dreams, but to fight relentlessly for them,” says Pool. “We could not have made it this far in our journey without the endless support of those around us.”

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83 Responses to 'My Heart to Fear Sign With Solid State Records'

  1. Chris says:

    Not sure how I feel about this “Instead we allow the music itself to reveal subconscious and spiritual paths.” and this “four pillars of support that have helped the band push on and persevere: Family. Faith. Pride. Brotherhood.”

    • Jordan says:

      Do get too worried about it. I think he was jut trying to find a fancy way to say that they try to follow the Spirit’s leading when they write their songs. I’ve met these guys several times and my old band has spent a significant amount of time on the road with them over the past couple of years. Family. Faith. Pride. Brotherhood, is more about staying focused on the things that matter most to them and less creepy and cryptic than you might be perceiving it to be haha.

  2. Chris says:

    Plus, they sound like every other “metalcore” band that has ever existed…why do labels keep doing this to themselves?

    Just wish bands would stop hiding their “faith” and trying to cover it up.

  3. boo says:

    Geez you basement kids are not surprising with these dumb comments

  4. zinnyzxx says:

    I’ve been watching these guys for the past 4 years. The development is amazing, I’m not a fan of metalcore, but this is one group that I support endlessly.

    • David says:

      That’s awesome! I can tell there is improvement from their music video to their performance at Purple Door. I just personally cannot get into it at all.

  5. Derek O. says:

    Not a fan of what I have heard. Hopefully their new album will be better.

  6. Taylor C. says:

    I tried to watch their music video on FB. Couldn’t get through it.

    *Bouncy-toe bouncy bouncy; crabcore-headbang; bouncy; CHUG CHUG CHUG-BRRdoomilidoom-CHUG-chug-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-chug-CHUG.*

    Good lord. ಠ___ಠ

  7. Luke Foster says:

    Too generic, solid state can do better then this

  8. taras says:


  9. Steve says:

    when will we get new LS???

  10. MrM says:

    I’m surprised on the “meh” response for this band. Aside from the vocals being a little.. well… “meh”, I find them to be very talented and there’s not a song from Into the Maelstrom I don’t enjoy. “The Witching Hour” is a very much enjoyed song by me, and the ending for “Life Under the Stairs” is a favourite of mine. I don’t know, I don’t know anything about music really, but I do know I enjoy their music and am pumped for some new tunage!

    • evan144 says:

      Sure it is enjoyable, I am not going to deny that, but this is metalcore, crabcore, whatevercore 101! There is nothing new or nothing unique. Not that their is anything wrong with that, but by “music snobs” this would be a “meh” band.

      And I don’t mean any disrespect. I can appreciate that these guys are putting all their efforts making music! I may be picky and sometimes make fun of a style or what have you, but I will always respect musicians for what they do. Touring, recording, not making much money, and thus, playing for the love of music, no matter how generic or technical their approach is, demands respect!

    • MrM says:

      Ahh, well I get that then. I’ve pretty much given up searching for something new, and just decided to sit back and enjoy my favourites, or new and solid music. At least until I become a world dictator and oppressively purge all music, save the legendary bands of each decade, until nothing but the best quality and most original music can be put out and controlled, mwhahah! But that’s a long ways off.
      In all seriousness, yes, it takes guts and passion to do devote your life to music when it’s not always the most financially rewarding thing to do. Guts and passion will get nothing but respect from me as well!

    • Iaya97 says:

      It’s hard to find something new. I think what Twenty One Pilots is doing is pretty original, but unless you go to the experimental route of genres like Beautiful Eulogy then new stuff is almost impossible to come across.

    • evan144 says:

      Very well said both of you! Twenty One Pilots is great, but they are just a mash of up Hellogoodbye, mewithoutYou and Say Anything haha! But for lack of a better argument, I see what you are getting at. You can basically find similarities with any band (although Oceana’s new stuff is pretty unique in my book) so at the end of the day, music is all about how it speaks to you! Don’t listen to other people if a band means that much to you! Music is about how it affects the individual, and that is something to be said about human nature. How good it is that there is so many different bands to choose from :)

    • Iaya97 says:

      Ha, but considering those are three very different bands I would say that they are doing something new.

    • evan144 says:

      HAHA, I see your point!

  11. Travis Aker says:

    That because Solid State is trying to find a the next Zao but so far they have failed miserably.

  12. Loren Wade says:

    Okay… I’m actually really interested in this. Something about their sound I really like. Yeah, composed pretty generically, but I love the technical aspects. Either way… a lot of bands end up doing much better once signed than before. August Burns Red? Can’t stand their EP… but Thrill Seeker is still in my top 10 favorite records. :)

    • evan144 says:

      Agreed. That EP was terrible, but Thrill Seeker is still in my top 10 too (just listened to it today after finishing my This or the Apocalypse binge in prep for their new album haha).

    • thruchristalone777 says:

      @Loren, yeah I agree. The song really isn’t horrible. It may not be groundbreaking, but it isn’t complete garbage either. I see a lot of potential in this band.

  13. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    Really weird hearing myself say this, but I’m finding myself less interested in T&N/SS’s signings lately (with the exception of Wolves at the Gate). And oddly enough, I’m more interested and intrigued in all of the peculiar signings going over at Rise Records. (The Acacia Strain, Bleeding Through, The Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, Further Seems, etc) Never thought I’d say that. I used to hate everything on Rise Records, but would swear by almost anything released by T&N/SS.

    • Loren Wade says:

      I agree and disagree. I’ve given up on the idea of liking and disliking labels. Some picks are good, some are bad. Pretty much the only label I can say I completely support is Come and Live, but it’s not even because of the bands they sign.

    • Chandler A. says:

      I just listened to ‘Victims of the Cave’ by the Acacia Strain on youtube…it was so boring I almost fell asleep. :P

  14. Jordan says:

    listen to the bass guitar. it will blow your mind. that is all.

  15. Lucas says:

    I agree that the vocals are slightly “meh” in parts but other than that the song on Facebook absolutely captivated me from start to finish. (though I had to stop watching the music video…) I think this is a band worth watching as they improve. Absolutely love the progressive elements.

    And for those saying bad things about Solid State…just look up their recent discography and tell me how many bad records you see. I must state that in general Solid State is very solid.

  16. Brandon says:

    Initially there is usually a lot of backlash against a new band joining the roster, especially one that doesn’t have new recordings posted. I am not the biggest fan of their old recordings but I think when the new record drops, a lot of people will probably dig the band (maybe). I can remember quite a few new signings getting negative backlash on this site over the years but then the comments were silenced when the band’s album was released. We’ll just have to wait and see. Also, for those making comments about a band being “nice guys” or “on fire for the Lord”, if the music doesn’t match the fervor, then I won’t be listening plain and simple. That would be similar to a Christian plumber who is a nice guy that happens to break pipes in your home and causing some flooding. If he can’t do his job correctly, why would you employ him? Know what I mean?

  17. Jay says:

    Solid State has signed such garbage in the last couple years. Never thought they would go the route they have.

    • Kevin Fitz says:


      Solid State is getting worse! First, Fit For A King and now this? Really?
      Come on.

    • Luke Foster says:

      Um except in the “last couple years” they’ve signed to speak of wolves, the overseer, wolves at the gate, and as they sleep. All of which rule.

    • Chandler A. says:

      I like FFAK…and Oh, Sleeper has blossomed into not only SS’s best band but arguably the best heavy band in existence right now. Although I will say I don’t care for this band very much so far, who knows, maybe they’ll put out some good stuff later

  18. taras91 says:


  19. metalhunter says:

    I enjoyed Into the Malestrom. Just like MrM said earlier, I have given up on finding new, original music in the metalcore scene. It’s all pretty much out there. But if you enjoy a particular genre, listen to it, don’t be over critical of it. Enjoy it.

    If you want something a little different, the end of Life Under The Stairs was pretty good. Then again, how many of you actually listened to that song already?

    • MrM says:

      Man, that ending is a behemoth of a listening experience for me. One of those moments you just gotta scream along, y’know? Personally, of course ^_^

    • Brooks Oakley says:

      I totally agree. There’s not much new in the metalcore/hardcore scene that is blowing anybody’s minds or anything. But that doesn’t mean that alot of it isn’t still very good music at times. These guys sound similar to many other acts in the genre but hey if it’s good just let it be.

  20. Justin (emergenscenery) says:


  21. JoshIVM says:

    I don’t care about people’s opinions one way or the other, I’m just glad to see the label is signing new artists. They had a stretch where they didn’t have much going on besides a few bigger bands. Also, if you don’t like the new ones, don’t listen, but let’s not pretend that SS hasn’t had quite a few mediocre bands over the years.

  22. Jay says:

    Well music is opinion, so it’s a little impossible to not care about opinions. But there is a point when you aren’t offering any bands that at least try to have their own evolution to their music. And Solid State at one point at least tried to sign that. So yes, 1/4 signings might of been a carbon copy back a couple years ago. But everything sounds like something. Even the bigger bands ripped off someone. Facts are facts, and the general public are not stupid, and they’re noticing.

    • JoshIVM says:

      First off, I find it odd that you stated, “facts are facts”, about such a subjective topic. It’s also a bit of a stretch to say that music itself is opinion. I still stand by my point because I could truly care less what anyone else thinks about music I choose to listen to.

      Also, a band’s musical “evolution” comes with time, not your debut label release so judging the newest bunch of signings by that standard is a bit premature. SS has had plenty of mediocre signings since the beginning of the label as has Tooth & Nail. Nostalgia plays a huge role in distorting people’s opinions on the matter.

      And I wholeheartedly disagree with “the general public are not stupid” & would argue just the opposite in most cases.

    • evan144 says:

      Bravo Josh. I think stupid is a broad word, but as far as music is concerned, the vast majority is pretty musically stupid haha! I mean just look at the billboard charts…how is it that people like Carly Rae Jepson top the charts and bands like Oceana and such struggle (but are happy at least)?

      When did music stop being about the music and start being about a “trend”?

  23. Jay says:

    Facts meaning that people are noticing that they are signing bands that have no unique character to their music. It doesn’t matter if you like this bands music and I dislike it. And I never said that Solid State hasn’t signed duds before. I also made a point that everyone sounds like someone. Every artist has that big influence in their life that made them form a band. You’re obviously so quick to argue that you didn’t read what I wrote carefully. Solid State was known to sign bands that push boundaries of their genres, people notice they haven’t. Opinions matter so much in music. Fans rule, they are going to talk a band up, they’re going to buy the albums, or download them, they are going to go to the shows. That is all on opinion. Because one person feels Asking Alexandria (who gets trash talked by thousands) is awesome, does not mean that those thousand are out of their minds. They just, in their opinion, hate the band. If you don’t realize that, than you’re stubborn.

    Sorry if what I said struck a nerve (for some odd reason), goodness. But calling the general public stupid when it comes to music doesn’t make any sense. Step outside the scene here. Adele, Mumford and Sons, Gotye, Radio Head and John Mayer are all talented artist topping the charts and are loved by the general public.

    • TheArchangel says:

      Let’s start the heated arguments once again, shall we?? :P

      I think everyone is going to have VASTLY different views on the music scene (Christian/secular/mainstream-Christian/what have you). Myself, I believe music has come to a point (in almost all genres) where it can’t be TOTALLY new anymore. Everyone rips off everyone in some way, shape, or form.
      The way I listen to new/debut music is by picking out the elements I like (the singer’s vocal qualities, guitar solos, double bass kicks, good use of synth, etc) and enjoying it for those.

      The MAJORITY of the general public is stuck on bubble-gum pop and explicit rap/hip-hop.
      Do I like that music? No. Is it music? Sure. Is it quality music? Maybe not.
      But that is MY subjective opinion.

      Also, something us Christians should probably be looking at is the artist’s life / walk with the Lord. Makes a big impact on the music they release…..

    • evan144 says:

      I am going to try and steer clear of a debate, but I stand by the general public on music statement. Yes, EVERY so often there is a glimmer of hope with bands like Mumford and Sons and Radiohead, but it doesn’t last very long…”bands” and “singers” like Carly Rae Jepsen, LMFAO (there name is very fitting of their music, no?), Flo Rida, Katy Perry, etc. come along and swipe out the good that was starting to break through. Opinions are opinions, and this is nothing more than an opinion of mine, but I think it is safe to say that it is shared by any person who shares my sentiments (which is a lot, a lot of people…just head over to absolute punk if you don’t believe me).

      And I still stand by my final question I posed above. This links to your statement about Asking Alexandria. I don’t think Josh or I ever said that these person are “out of their minds” but it seems like what they are trending to is just that…a trend. It’s less about the music and more about fitting in a scene. Somewhere along the line the scene music becomes likeable, even loveable, because it is what draws you in to that scene…trust me, I tried fitting in to the scene back in 2005 (only lasted a couple of weeks) but I did NOT like any of the bands I was listening to…but I started to get used to the music because I knew I had to to fit in. Ya dig?

    • evan144 says:

      I think TheArchangel said it better than I :)

    • Zac says:

      Mumford & Sons rule

    • scott says:

      Carly Rae Jepsen is my wife…

    • Lucas says:

      Your wife? You know she’s been giving out her phone number to random guys so they’ll call her?…maybe?

    • evan144 says:

      Comment of the day goes to Lucas haha!

  24. scott says:

    Haha yeah we had to work through that…

  25. Blarg says:

    I love how, jesusfreakhideout refuses to post about this signing because the owner thought they were douches at a festival.

    Unrelated, thank you IVM for being a very unbiased and reliable source of news and reviews. It amazes me every day the different things I hear about JFH, and how unbelievably biased they are, and how they actually hold grudges.
    Claims that Anberlin is anti-christian, and just not posting news that they don’t want to post.

    • Lucas says:

      Where did you get that JFH is biased with what they post? Because I frequent there still and that just doesn’t seem to be the case. “Claims that Anberlin is anti-Christian??” Where’d you get that from?

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks for the support but I am not about to tear down my brothers at They have a wonderful site and John seems like a cool guy, not to mention Scott Fryberger. I think IVM is a little more lenient than the majority of Christian music sites out there. Sometimes that is good and other times it gets us in trouble. I am not too worried what other people may think though.

      We have consistently done things our own way since 2005, and if you want to go a step further, since I founded this domain back in 2000. Independent = DIY = Marching to the beat of our own drum. We try to offer our own unique take on Faith and Entertainment. Hopefully people enjoy our site and get something positive from it.

    • MrM says:

      Well said Brandon. In the almost-a-year I’ve been visiting this site, I’ve found nothing but positive things to say about it. Kudos to you and all the IVM-ers ^_^

    • Blarg says:

      No doubt, John is a great guy, and I like features on the site, but I can’t agree with how the site runs and some statements they make.

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