Lecrae Debuts At #3 On Billboard 200

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Lecrae Debuts At #3 On Billboard 200

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20 Responses to 'Lecrae Debuts At #3 On Billboard 200'

  1. This such a huge deal. I’ve been following Lecrae since “After the Music Stops,” and am so glad he’s blowing up. As he said in the Rapzilla interview last night, he really is a missionary to the secular hip hop world.

  2. WhenIRemember says:

    Ballin! Ha, j/k. Congrats and praise God!

  3. jason says:

    by far the best/most significant christian hip hop album ever released.

  4. Luke Foster says:

    Sweet! Thats more than 10 up from overdose

  5. scott says:

    It’ll probably be posted on here later but… Lecrae and FF5 just finished a video together. http://www.rapzilla.com/rz/videos/5081-family-force-5-cray-featuring-lecrae Another fan funded video by the same dude that did zombie. Lecrae’s verse is pretty sweet.

  6. scott says:

    Haha both. With a little string thrown in for variety.

  7. earthseedz says:

    Sorry, but I’m not feeling this one after repeated listening. “Church Clothes” had better tracks. Beautiful Eulogy, even better.

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