Come Wind “Grow My Roots” Now Available

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Come Wind “Grow My Roots” Now Available

The highly anticipated new ep from We Write Essay. is now available for purchase wherever fine digital music is sold. If you don’t know who this band is well now would be a great time to give them a listen. Their music would please fans of Thrice, Circa Survive, My Epic, Manchester Orchestra, and Tallhart. Listen to the ep below (via Spotify).

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4 Responses to 'Come Wind “Grow My Roots” Now Available'

  1. Jared Ens says:

    Never heard of these guys until today, and after hearing ” Sleep ” and ” Rend Your Heart ” I instantly bought the EP on I-tunes. Solid musicianship and definitely carries a My Epic vibe. More people need to get in on this!

  2. David Green says:

    Wow, my friend just got me into this band like 2 days ago, and I cannot stop listening to them. I actually just bought “Wanderer, O Wanderer” but it is absolutely fantastic. The musicianship is top-notch, and the technicality in a lot of the songs is staggering. They are still catchy, however, and the emotion of the songs feels so genuine that in parts it makes me want to cry. The lyrics are incredible. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you read the lyrics for “Bricks” and “Herein Is Love” as you listen to the songs. Also, watch the lyric video for “Rend Your Heart.” And watch the music video for “Rend Your Heart,” it’s probably the best performance based music video I’ve ever seen, followed closely by the video for “Bricks.”

    Yeah, needless to say, I love these guys. I’m trying to find out why this is only the first time I’ve seen news about them.

  3. I’m really enjoying this band and their ep. Good stuff.

  4. Academic College Research Papers Fast Papers Services. says:

    I really hope someone on staff will review this album. It’s good stuff.

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