Metaphysical Monday: Thinking Through Writing (or Speaking)

By Seth Hecox on September-10-2012 | Filed under Telephone Orders Cialis.

Metaphysical Monday:  Thinking Through Writing (or Speaking)

The process employed by the human brain while thinking is fascinating and widely varied. A brain at work employs lots of different methods for it’s mental progress, including but not limited to: deduction, induction, abstract conjecture, concrete analysis and even that enigmatic occurrence called intuition.

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Through the experience of writing these Metaphysical Monday articles, I’ve come to realize a peculiar aspect of my brain’s modus operandi; namely, that I something think best when I speak (or type) out my thoughts. On multiple occasions in writing a new Metaphysical Monday, I’ve set out to write about a particular subject because it interests me. Then I discover that as I go along and type out my thoughts free-form that my mind has mysteriously started working toward a conclusion I don’t even realize yet. So I keep typing and letting my fingers and brain churn out the conclusion together and viola! I read on the screen before me a completely new thought to my mind.

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This is puzzling, baffling, flabbergasting even! Does my body (fingers and hands while typing or writing) coordinate my thoughts in a way that my brain, unassisted, is unable to? Are my better thoughts restricted to the (somewhat rare) times when I can write while thinking? It’s fascinating and a little depressing at the same time.

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Has anyone else experienced this? Am I experiencing a mid-life crisis? At 27 years old? Oh no! I’ll never make it to old age! I’ll die mentally before I get to see my grandchildren and recognize their faces!

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*The picture for this article was created by me.  Yes, I know, it is quite crude.  I’m not so great at drawing.  But I think it’s better than my usual method of stealing copyrighted photos and using them for my pictures.  So I’ll be using my own creations as much as possible from now on.  I got this cool, free app called SketchbookX and I’m trying to teach my hand how to not spasm when I begin drawing.  Huzzah!

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About the author Seth Hecox

I play music and write articles. I write the Metaphysical Monday article for IVM. I have a folk project due out later this year. I identify with the Reformed aspects of the Christian faith and I live in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia. Follow my musical life at and my (lame) comedy life at View all posts by Seth Hecox

8 Responses to 'Metaphysical Monday: Thinking Through Writing (or Speaking)'

  1. I am a writer at heart…and in my college major. :) There have been times when my thoughts came out of my pen at such a fast rate that I couldn’t handle the cramping in my fingers. Then an hour later I would look at what I had written and ask “Where the heck did all of that come from??” and realize that God had placed words in my brain at a rate that I couldn’t process. I am certain that I am far more eloquent when I am unaware of the big words and fancy phrasing that are possible in my writing.

  2. Shane McKnight says:

    I find that when I pray (like converse back and forth with God, not just making requests about daily life etc), I can focus what I’m saying, as well as hear what God is saying back to me, better when I write (or type now to save paper/$) what I’m praying.

  3. I don’t understand how the picture is crude.

  4. JonBoy says:

    I’ve read articles discussing the phenomenon you’re talking about. I don’t really remember many of the particulars but the basic idea was that when we begin to write and especially physically write (i.e. a pencil and paper) our creative portions of the brain become “turned on.” It’s that intensive situation where you are engaging mostof your senses and as all teachers tell you the more senses you engage the better your learning experience. So as a basic rule of thumb whenever you doing something creative use as many parts of your brain as possible. God has designed the brain to function best when it’s all working together to create which is what He put us here to do: Create.

  5. Iaya97 says:

    Most of what I consider to be my best writing happens when I’ve been laying in bed for a few hours, just thinking about life. I write best from 2 to 4 A.M. – at that time I am tired enough to be honest and funny while still being sane enough to work on structure. I love it when I finish some random piece and can reread it infinite times without losing my enjoyment. I wrote this piece, what I consider my best essay ever, a couple of years ago at 4 A.M.

  6. MrM says:

    What I noticed most in my writing last year as I finished high school, was that oftentimes I’d start writing about something I thought I felt, and then as I went along I’d convince myself of what I truly felt. While it may be good for me to find out, I must say, my teachers didn’t appreciate essays that contradicted themselves, and it was a pain in the butt to have to go back and rewrite them hahaha
    However, I very much agree with Iaya97, my best writing is done late in the night, whether it be a comedy sketch for my friends and I to perform, or a heartfelt metaphorical story. The exhaustion before bed leads to a small amount of insanity, and that insanity leads to god creativity in my opinion XD

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