As I Lay Dying Releases New Song Preview

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As I Lay Dying Releases New Song Preview

Check out this newest soundbite previewing Buy Viagra Pharmacy Uk. ‘s song, “Whispering Silence.” This is their fifth preview from their upcoming album Awakened, which will hit stores September 25.

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All previews can be heard Homework Help Year 8. . (Thanks, Subboy.)

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25 Responses to 'As I Lay Dying Releases New Song Preview'

  1. WhenIRemember says:

    Cool bit of a punk vibe.

  2. Buy Windows 7 Tablet India. says:

    Actually.. this is the 5th preview from the album with more to come prior to the release date (they are looking to have every song up (some in full some in preview) prior to the 25th.

    All 5 (and upcoming) can be found via Dissertation Evaluation Criteria.

  3. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    I am beyond excited for this album. I’ve listened to “Cauterize” almost a hundred times now on my iTunes. AILD is always a band I look forward to.

  4. taras says:

    I am always excited for AILD stuff but I am afraid that this album will have to much singing on it.

  5. taras says:

    I am always excited for AILD stuff but I am afraid that this album will have to much singing on it.

  6. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    Reviewed by former BTA vocalist, Jason Wisdom. :)

  7. Lee Brown says:

    Very excited for this album!

  8. taras says:

    I downloaded before the release just to check it out. Wow I am so disappointed. I love AILD and its my favorite metal band and I never thought I would say this. They made a mistake by changing their style (typical metalcorish breakdowns that every bands does) with singing on almost every song. Tim’s screams sound beast though. Not what I was looking forward to. Guess I will be waiting two more years for something new. In the mean time I’ll be listening to the older stuff.

    • Taylor C. says:

      …that doesn’t sound promising.

    • ^^ Lol, o yes cuz “taras” is the metal expert/ final juge on aild n all.

    • Taylor C. says:

      Well he’s definitely no Phil metalhed, I’ll give you that, but I respect his opinion.

    • metalhunter says:

      Well I don’t know where you’ve been the last 3 releases, but that’s their sound. Singing has been apart of their game since Shadows. Granted lately their has been more so than in Shadows, but regardless it is STILL AILD. The breakdowns are more thought out than most other bands in the genre, meaning they flow better with the song. Rather than just throwing it in there to make it catchy.

      But this cd is good. I think it is better than The Powerless Rise. Maybe not as good as Ocean, but still pretty close.

    • MrM says:

      There can only be one Phil metelhed!

    • ^^ Lol, word. I also agree wit wat “metalhunter” sed. I dont get y people complain about clean singin in metalcor all of a suden wen its been dun 4 10+ years now. Its nuthin new+ shud b expected out of certain bands in the genre by now, includin aild.

  9. stefcore says:

    @Taras, I also dl’ed the album, ‘cos I got a little nervous after hearing sum of the samples.

    I wonder if the label had something to do with it? The last 2 releases, especially “the Powerless Rise”, were way more “metal”, than metalcore, and obviously both albums didnt sell 200k plus like the first 2 did… maybe they “advised” them to go back to a more scene friendly sound.

    Its still pretty good, maybe a tad generic… I’m still gonna get a physical copy, since they are still one of my fav bands…

    Lookin’ forward to a new “Austrian Death Machine” though :-)

  10. Kevin Fitz says:

    The new one is better than The Powerless Rise. Been an AILD fan since Frail Words and the only album I didn’t care for was The Powerless Rise. Glad to see they’re back!

  11. taras91 says:

    The Powerless Rise is a great metal album. I am not a expert, just sharing my opinion. One thing that bothers me is the singing. It just doesn’t fit in. For example lets take the song “A Great Foundation”. Starts out awesome with addition to some good gang vocals. Then all the sudden there is singing. If I wanted singing with screams I listen to TDWP. Really interested in reading the review that IVM is going to post.

    • Brandon J. says:

      I enjoy this album more than some of their past material and I think they do a good job of balancing singing/screaming. Also, I’d rather not listen to TDWP, I am just not a fan of that band

    • Smacky X says:

      Based on the samples, I am beyond stoked for this album! The singing/screaming combo sounds incredibly awesome and the band who are responsible for my all-time favorite breakdowns are bringing that again!

      I’m also on the same page is Brandon regarding ‘Prada. AILD (including this new stuff) are a band that TWDP can’t compare with, in my opinion…

    • MrM says:

      I happen to enjoy AILD with singing quite a bit. AILD is way out of TDWPs league, IMO. However, that being said, TDWP’s Zombie EP is pretty awesome. But that’s about all I enjoy by them.

  12. Smacky X says:

    I had the chance to give the album a listen and it is my hands-down favorite of theirs. Even though they aren’t rewriting the metalcore book, I feel like this is them at their best. I’m sure some of the credit has to go to the new producer. I can’t remember the last time I was this stoked for an album! I just had to get that off my chest.

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