The Wedding – No Direction

By Brandon J. on September-4-2012 | Filed under Divine Impassibility An Essay In Philosophical Theology.

Check out the lyric video for “No Direction” by The Wedding, below. The song appears on the band’s upcoming album “No Direction” due out September 25th on Tooth & Nail Records. Pre-order the album on CD Argumentative Essay Military Service. .

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27 Responses to 'The Wedding – No Direction'

  1. BunnySlippersMan says:

    I like it, not quite as much as their older stuff, but I do like it a lot. This should be good, not their greatest release, but I shouldn’t be disappointed if this is any indicator

  2. Luke Foster says:

    I dont know, its good, but im not digging something about his voice.

  3. Jake Potter says:


  4. I love Letter Kills and The Wedding’s Polarity. Nothing these guys have done since has been nearly as good, this included.

  5. ParkerloveJesus says:

    The music is nice but the vocals don’t do it for me. I saw them live and honestly the lead singer acted very strange on stage. It had a pretty big impact on how I view this band.

  6. Homework Help Year 7 History. says:

    love these fellas. they put on a killer show, can’t wait to hear “no direction” in its entirety.

  7. I really enjoyed The Sound The Steel and The Distance Eps. This band has loads of potential that could appeal to fans of 30 Seconds to Mars, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Imagine Dragons, Anberlin, and other such rock bands. Tooth & Nail still has a hole on their roster after Anberlin took off and hopefully The Wedding can fill that void. Matt Shelton’s voice is one of a kind and if you are a fan of that last Letter Kills full length, I think you can find something to appreciate in this new music.

  8. evan144 says:

    I really like this song. I think this band has loads of potential, but why in the world is this track the opener to the album?! It really makes zero sense in my book. It is a great middle of an album, even possibly a closer, but opener…seems like they “got no direction” on track order.

  9. Eric says:

    I personally am really looking forward to this album. Bands don’t make records to please all you guys unless they are in it for the wrong reasons. Bands make records because they love music and love what they do, regardless of what anyone thinks of it. We should all appreciate them for working their butts off for all these years for the love of music. Long live The Wedding!

  10. Bpuckhead89 says:

    LOVED Polarity, Sound the Steel, & Distance EP. With that track record this new album should be excellent. That said, I must admit I am not a fan of the first single. I have faith the album will still be some solid rock n’ roll!

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