Texas in July – Cry Wolf

By Brody B on September-4-2012 | Filed under Comprehension Dissertation Thesis And Term Papers Xtremepapers.

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15 Responses to 'Texas in July – Cry Wolf'

  1. Chandler A. says:

    Disappointed :( vocals sound exactly like one reality

  2. scott says:

    Hey its August Burns Red! Wait…

  3. Luke Foster says:

    Another meh band

  4. Rob G says:

    I feel like all their songs sound the same, and just too generic now.

  5. Tony Takach says:

    One reality was al right. I liked a few songs on there. I think this might be good, but I can see how it may seem generic to some. This genre is just oversaturated, and has been for a while now. I like bands like wolves at the gate cause they are just so different, but at the same time the whole scream and sing thing has been done for ages.

  6. Tony Takach says:

    Wolves at the gate, to me, stand out. They don’t reinvent the wheel, nor do they do something that is a complete breath of fresh air. But, they stand out because of the vocal delivery. The way they scream and sing seems more appealing to me compared to other bands in the genre. Maybe I’m just desperate for something new, so a band comes along that I like and I label them as somewhat innovative. I don’t know why. I think texas in july is similar to most other hardcore/metal core bands. They don’t do anything new, but some songs they do well. I just like a good ol hardcore song to work out to or work to, and a few of their songs are fun to jam out to. I mean you can say the same for other genres. What has mainstream rock done thats new? To me every radio friendly rock band sounds the same, outside of a few that have been around a while. Red hot chili peppers for example. They aren’t a band I love, but I admit they do their own thing well.

  7. Derek O. says:

    I think I developed a tumor. Ha. Brain jokes.

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