Hawk Nelson and the Kickstarter Dilemma

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Hawk Nelson and the Kickstarter Dilemma

Hawk Nelson http://www.essc.unt.edu/index.php?737 Doctor Patient Communication Dissertation. toward the creation of their new studio album. Do you think they can do it? Are you a contributor?

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37 Responses to 'Hawk Nelson and the Kickstarter Dilemma'

  1. Bump Galletta says:


  2. $35,000???? Oh the record is made of crushed red dragon eggs. Well, I guess that makes sense.

  3. The cuts in this video make me feel gross in my belly.

  4. Sam says:

    I used to really like these guys. I really did. Letters to the President and Smile It’s The End of The World were both great cd’s. Is My Friend was mediocre. Whatever the 4th one was called was uninspired, and actually grating at parts. The most recent I never picked up. They’ve dropped off for me, and I’m not surprised that they seem to have done the same for others.

  5. They lost a singer and should have set their sights way lower than the $35000 mark. Maybe they shouldn’t get so comfy with their big studio budgets and take a step down.

  6. SJatcko says:

    Oh my. I’m really quite over the whole kickstarter thing. It was really fun at first, I like the different packages you get to choose from and all that jazz. But come on now, you are in a band, not a charity. Before kickstarter bands got paid by selling stuff not begging. Idk is it just me?

    • BunnySlippersMan says:

      No, I just like to support C&L! bands

    • Justin (emergenscenery) says:

      I second that, BunnySlippersMan. So proud to be a supporter of the new Ember Days album. :)

    • Smacky X says:

      The beauty of Kickstarter is that you either win by getting to support bands that you want to support, or have nothing to do with it. These bands are taking advantage of nobody, and can’t force anything on anyone. No one claimed to be a charity- this lets bands release albums that are free of the shackles of what a label would dictate. Or it lets bands who otherwise can’t get signed put out an album. If you are a big fan of a band, it makes sense to support them in these endeavors- its not some shirking of responsibility, it’s not a gimmick, it’s a means of voluntary partnership, and potentially the future of the industry. I understand if it’s not someone’s thing, but I don’t see it being a bad thing.

  7. Luke Foster says:

    number one gun went from 12,000 to to meeting their goal in like a day so i still think they may do it

  8. Chris says:

    I’m surprised no network has done an Idol show for punk-metal-hardcore to find the best up-and-coming bands and make both them and the bands money. The real winners might be the runner-ups who get the exposure and can record independently.

    Right now, Leaders, Creations, and some BTA are the only examples of new music in these genres that I listen to.

    As for Hawk Nelson…the Insyderz asked for $6,000 and they have a catalog of good music.

  9. Daniel says:

    Well Five Iron Frenzy raised 30,000 in 54 minutes…

  10. John says:

    I think they’re big enough that they could have made it, but not with a new lead singer and musical direction. I don’t have a problem with those changes myself, but it’s going to make a lot of people lose interest. It’s almost like Kickstarting a new band, which we’ve also seen doesn’t work. Hope they still get it somehow though.

  11. ParkerloveJesus says:

    You don’t need that much to record a very good sounding album any more. Not even close to that much for that matter!

  12. Iaya97 says:

    Nothing says “punk” like needing top-of-the-line producers and studios.

  13. This is so weird. Some really unknown, and *cough bad cough* bands have raised more than that. :P Unbelievable they can’t. But, I think most of their fans these days are young girls who are there for the cute guys not the music and they don’t really have money to give.

  14. Zac says:

    There gonna get it. There were points when I didnt think soul embraced- or number one gun was gonna make it.
    But at the end of every kickstarter, if they havent, some very generous people end up showing up.
    you watch, it’s gonna jump

  15. thruchristalone777 says:

    Haha the title of this post sounds like an episode of some kind of detective show or something. The show can be called “The Kickstarter Capers of Detective Hawk Nelson”.

  16. Tim says:

    Is it bad I hope they don’t make it?

  17. Chandler A. says:

    I feel like whether bands reach their kickstarter goal or not, they’re going to make another album. How many bands are seriously riding on “Alright guys, if we don’t hit this kickstarter goal, we don’t make anymore music…maybe even disband”

    • not many, i suppose. i remember paul colman did some kinda kickstarter thing (on indiegogo)- and he didn’t receive his target of $65,000 (only got around $15,000 donations)- and he is still doing his album!

  18. MrM says:

    Someone pledged $7000 or more? O.o

  19. This has nothing to do with Hawk Nelson… but I was watching the movie ‘The Muppets’ with Jason Segal. and I started to wonder…. why didn’t the Muppets try using Kickstarter to save the Muppet Theater???

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