Confide Reunite, Begin Kickstarter

By Brandon J. on August-31-2012 | Filed under Essay Writing Lined Paper.

Confide have decided to reunite and have Ebr Homework Helper. to fund their efforts. What do you all think?

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41 Responses to 'Confide Reunite, Begin Kickstarter'

  1. Regent University Admissions Essay. says:

    1. Cool idea, in theory, but 30k is kinda ridiculous. 5- 10k shud b suficient.
    2. Not feelin the whole “prepy look”, lol.
    3. Joel sed “u guyses”, ya hes def from cali yal, lol.

  2. Smacky X says:

    Loved these guys last album! I’m excited to hear what they come up with!

  3. I hope someday I can get Justified and Confide straight because I’ve never been able to…

  4. BunnySlippersMan says:

    “Not being on a record label or touring anymore would supply us with the adequate amount of time and freedom to write a record that we would love from start to finish”
    …So are they really getting back together and playing shows? Or just writing this one last album?

  5. Luke Foster says:

    Band is rather generic

  6. evan144 says:

    I really hope the album is more like Shout the Truth…Recover just didn’t do anything for me!

  7. I got so stoked when I heard this! Its only been on day and they’ve already made over $14,ooo! Thats how cool their fans are! I can’t wait to hear what they come up with!

  8. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    Pretty sweet that their project is being funded quite quickly. :)

    But I have low expectations for this album, due to cleans from Joel Piper. Sorry, just my personal opinion. I liked Shout the Truth way more than Recover.

    • evan144 says:

      Same here! That is to say, I liked the first release of Shout the Truth without Joel. Joel is a great guy, but I think his vocals kinda shoved this band into the same old same old crowd.

  9. drum_mer says:

    I was really surprised when I saw this, didn’t expect it at all. But am very pleased, got into these guys right before they broke up so this is awesome.

  10. ParkerloveJesus says:

    Can we donate to have them not reunite and not put out a new album?

    • BunnySlippersMan says:

      *anger-filled comment*

    • Way to show the love of Jesus, Parker.

    • ParkerloveJesus says:

      I meant that as loving as possible. And What a guy can’t express his feelings? This band is terrible. Seen them live a few times and they were a huge let down. Not sure how else to say it….if they are truly on fire for the Lord then of course I pray they do Gods will, but as far as their music making ability goes I’m not a fan.

    • Luke Foster says:

      I comepletely agree, band is nothing more than another cookie cutter metalcore band

    • ok man. I just totally thought you were hating on them to hard. I mean I’m not a fan of Nicki Minaj and katy Perry but weather they’re making money as artists or not doesnt have any affect on me or my life. I guess I took it hard since I’m friends with the lead vocalist and his wife and I’ve met the band and theyre all really great guys. I dont know what they did live that made you not like them but when I saw them I thought they were even better live. To each his own I guess. :) sorry if I was a tool.

    • ParkerloveJesus says:

      @fla-it’s all good.

    • scott says:

      what does ParkerloveJesus’s comment have to do with the love of Jesus? He just said they’re a crappy band.

  11. Daniel says:

    Just an observation and a question: The first kickstarter project I ever heard of was Falling Up’s, and they only asked for 10,000, and they were a pretty popular band I would say. So why did they ask for so little compared to all these other bands?

    • John says:

      I could be wrong, but I think I remember hearing that back then bands only used Kickstarter for partial funding. I think Five Iron’s campaign changed people’s expectations of what it could do.

  12. Chris says:

    Love this band. VERY excited!

  13. travis says:

    lol why am i not surprised. A band gets back together and are already asking for money.

  14. travis says:

    p.s. these guys all got jobs now. Pay for the record yourself. You ain’t got no touring or anything to worry about. Be like everyone else and get a job and raise the money yourselves.

  15. travis says:

    “hey we got back together and dont want to put any of the work necessary into the band at all…so we’re passing the burden onto you”

  16. jake says:

    they were good up til Joel joining the band and singing in EVERY song. the original Shout The Truth release is great, the remake with all the singing was bad. And then they just weren’t good. The heavy parts were amazing still on the new stuff but the poppy singing was terrible.

    Also when Joel joined their original guitarist who played without a pick(!) left. once he left they just weren’t the same.

  17. Smacky X says:

    Man, not a lot of love on here for Joel or “Recover” on here. Personally, I thought that it was a great album and that the cleans set these guys apart from other bands…

    • DT says:

      I don’t get the Joel hate, either. I do know people outside of the internets who literally hate him for ruining Confide. Ha, it’s laughable. I only have the original Shout the Truth. I never liked it much because the vocalist sounded like he was trying to sound exactly like Spencer of Underoath. I wasn’t looking for another Underoath, so it only served to be distracting and made it difficult to appreciate anything about it.

      Anyway, I just looked up some of the new versions with Joel on them. In the songs I compared, it sounds like the singing parts that were new fit perfect, as if that’s how they intended it all along. I wouldn’t doubt it was intended all along, given that they already sounded like Underoath impersonators… they already sounded like “same old same old.”

      It’s understandable when fans don’t like change (What a tyrannical controlling group we listeners tend to be [I want new YCTD to sound like Suffocation, btw]), but it’s confusing when the change is so natural like this. It makes the hate laughable since fans of the original release apparently didn’t realize they were listening to poppy wannabe Underoath until Joel was added into the mix.

    • DT says:

      Also, I have Recover but never really listened to it. I just listened to a song or two off of it, and I think I would dig it if I gave it another listen.

  18. MrM says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Shout the Truth, and I never seemed to get drawn in by Recover. However, “I Never Saw This Coming” is a highly played song in my music library. They will always get respect from me for that song

  19. SxC Milie Girl says:

    I am so excited for this because I really like this band a lot. Joel´s voice gives a special touch to the band. My personal opinion.

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