Ambassadors of Shalom Join Thumper Punk Records

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Ambassadors of Shalom Join Thumper Punk Records

August 30, 2012, Santa Cruz, California. Helping Male Impotence. , an up-and-coming three-piece punk band from Manchester, England, have joined the Thumper Punk Records family of bands. Forged together after playing an open-mike night in Stoke, the in-ya-face British Christian Punk outfit plays for their love of Jesus, people, and loud music. The band’s desire is to see British culture redeemed, and they are praying that God will use their music and lyrics to deliver the Good News of the Gospel in the United Kingdom and beyond. Ambassadors of Shalom are Neil Roddy (guitar and lead vocals), Peter Field (bass and backing vocals), and Joseph Wilson (drums). Ambassadors of Shalom will be heading into the studios in September to record their first EP for release on Thumper Punk Records. You can next catch Ambassadors of Shalom on September 15, 2012, at The Famous Lion, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom.

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  1. This great. Thumper Punk finds the best bands!!! Praise God for Thumper Punk Records and their new find with Ambassadors of Shalom.

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