Top 10 Authors / Philosophers from Andrew Schwab

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Top 10 Authors / Philosophers from Andrew Schwab

Online Essay Practise. was nice enough to do a few Top 10 lists for IVM. They will be released over the next week or so as we continue to support the band’s new album, Wait For The Siren, which is available now. Check out the list below.

Phillip K Dick – Sci-fi with social commentary. Not as nerdy as most sci-fi writers (though there is nothing wrong with nerds).

Jeremy Bentham – Inventor of the Panopticon (Homework Help Chat link. ).

Chuck Palahniuk – “Fight Club” expressed the true emotions of a generation of men who don’t know how to express their emotions.

Chuck Klosterman – Fantastic journalist, better author. Start with Fargo Rock City and work your way forward.

Anne Lamott – Irreverent and unorthodox, hilarious and quirky, she is as entertaining as she is insightful.

Soren Kierkegaard – His work “Fear and Trembling” will redefine your view of the word “faith.”

C.S. Lewis – He is the greatest Christian writer of the last century, for certain.

Yevgeny Zamyatin – He wrote the book that George Orwell ripped off with 1984, “We”.

Chris Ware – Graphic novelist whose character Jimmy Corrigan encapsulates the outcast in us all.

Shel Silverstein – I just think he is hilarious.

Dr. Seuss – Great artist who wrote messages to adults, coded in Children’s books.

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  1. synn'r sainte jeb'beau says:

    I appreciate kindred thinkers who can feel. So many on his list that are worth recognizing.

  2. I count 11+ its shel, not “shell”, lol. Josh is slipin on edits/ proofreadin, lol.

  3. evan144 says:

    Love Palahniuk! Survivor is one of the best books written.

    Kierkagaard is obviously a genius philosopher, his existentialist ideals will remain alive until humans no longer require knowledge…I tend to relate more to the philosophies/theologies of John Cobb, Charles Hartshorne, and Alfred North Whitehead, all of which deal with process theology/philosophy. Also really love Friedrich Schleiermacher and Paul Tillich. But as much as I love progressive christian theologians, I also really love those “conservative” theologians who truly seek the “idea of the holy” or getting to the essence of our spiritual life…Karl Barth and even some Calvinist thinking (although I refute predestination).

    But all of that is neither here nor there…great job Andrew!

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