Servants – Standard of Life

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Servants – Standard of Life
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Artist: Education Argumentative Essay.

Title: Standard of Life

Label: Essays On Cyber Bullying.

Release Date: 07/16/2012

Reviewer:  Steven A. Cosand


  1. Standard of Life
  2. Revoke
  3. Walls


The term ‘melodic hardcore’ has always been something I’ve been very cautious and weird about. As somebody with a strong background in classical music I have been strangely drawn to bands and artists that make music sounding like power tools, chainsaws, etc… Needless to say there is hardly anything melodic about that. Servants is a 3 piece band from New England (MA & CT) that writes and experiments within the realm of melodic hardcore.

During the beginning of the title track it is quite obvious that Standard of Life is very guitar oriented. This immediately reminded me of a less angst ridden Shai Hulud. Standard of Life even prances around the vibe of the current Converge sound without the pummeling Kurt Ballou tone. Somebody might hate me for saying this, but I even hear some elements of 90s screamo mixed in there. Maybe I am absolutely wrong, but Servants has a quite unique sound.

The production of this EP is not exactly flawless, but it’s rather good in comparison to their previous demo. The guitar tone is bold and paired well with the bass making this three piece band sound quite big. Servants does a good job at challenging the heavy mosh and breakdown-esque characteristics of hardcore, but the noodly guitar licks and melodies during ‘Walls’ caught me a little bored as it is drawn out in a fairly lengthy manner. The EP ends with a mid tempo drive that fades out with gang vocals.

Overall: I am very eager to see this band live. I am also quite curious to see how a second guitarist might make an impact on this band in their songwriting, but then again maybe not. I would love to hear more from these New England Hardcore Heavyweights. I recommend if you are a fan of hardcore and punk, but looking for something unique. Stream it on their Master Thesis Opinion. .

RIYL: Continuance, Shai Hulud, Beards…

Servants - Standard of Life, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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10 Responses to 'Servants – Standard of Life'

  1. Phil Recognition says:

    they sound big live. real good

  2. Chris says:

    I’m about 10 billion million times less musically trained than you, so maybe nothing I say means anything haha, but this album has to be a 5 out of 5 for me. Nobody out there that I’ve encountered sounds like them–incredible, incredible, incredible live–focused, efficient, and they pull of EVERYthing live–intricate crazy tapping, rhythm, three vocal parts, all of it. Beast. And, seriously, some of the most humble and down-to-earth dudes I’ve been blessed to encounter. Lyrics are incredible, bold yet humble, honest, every bit. Music’s awesome and innovative, esp compared to a lot of what’s out there. Super hard-working–always out on tour it seems! LISTEN TO THIS BAND! Could not get their cds out of my car for weeks!

    • Steven Cosand says:

      Don’t get me wrong because I do like this EP. It has its moments, but also some seem a little dull in my opinion. I would call it creative and interesting, but not “innovative”. Like I said I haven’t seen them live and I really hope to change that. Also there were some “screamo”/hardcore bands in the 90s doing stuff similar to this. A bit sloppier, but similar.

  3. Shane McKnight says:

    For some reason this reminds me of some older Solid State records stuff. Not super old Solid State like early Zao, but I dunno. Sounds familiar.

  4. Chris says:

    Steven and Shane, i definitely need some more education then–i havent been into hardcore for too long and have just been joyful for how different they are from the rest of the current “scene”–looks like ive got some back listening to do haha!

  5. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    I looooove this!! Downloading it now. :)

  6. BunnySlippersMan says:

    Another CT hardcore band? I need to check these guys out

  7. Lucas says:

    Reminds me of Holding Onto Hope’s newest album, but replace some of the indie influence on that record with punk. Also some of the vocals take me back to mwY’s “[A > B] Life”. These are both VERY good things! I’m sure these guys will be fantastic someday soon. :)

  8. Dan says:

    These guys are good friends of mine, and I can vouch for how rad they are. Super humble and super cool. They’re definitely a breath of fresh air.

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