The Classic Crime Hits The Charts

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The Classic Crime Hits The Charts

Student Essays Online. latest album, titled Phoenix, charted on both iTunes & Billboard Charts. Check below to see where they landed.

iTunes:  Peaked at #3 (Rock album chart) & #24 (Overall album chart)

Billboard (sales week ending 8/19/12):

#130 (Top 200)
#22 (Independent Albums)
#29 (Current Alternative Albums)
#4 (Current Contemporary Christian Albums)
#15 (Top Hard Music Albums)

9 Responses to 'The Classic Crime Hits The Charts'

  1. How To Write A Theoretical Dissertation. says:

    Did they even do that well when they were on a label?

  2. Kudos to these guys. It takes a lot of effort and a solid fanbase to chart, let alone that high overall. It all goes back to the effort, really. Then again, it’s not like they’re not a popular group, but still.

  3. Andy says:

    Nice! Great band they deserve it.

  4. fusse says:

    #4 (Current Contemporary Christian Albums) – this must be joke right?

  5. Chris says:

    I expect Lecrae to debut in the top 20 the first week of September.

    Is anyone listening to the new Believin’ Stephen athletes-and-God’s-glory-themed mixtape? The Cheapest Essay Writing Service.

    This is incredible.

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