For Today Announce The Unshakeable Tour

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For Today Announce The Unshakeable Tour Admission Essay Writing Does And Don#39ts. , & Hundredth. Dates & tour poster can be seen below. Healthcare Research Phd Resume.

The Chariot
10/11 St. Petersburg, FL @ The State Theatre
10/12 Orlando, FL @ H2O Live!
10/13 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Rocketown
10/14 Mobile, AL @ Alabama Music Hall
10/16 McAllen, TX @ Geo’s
10/17 Corpus Christi, TX @ House of Rock
10/18 Lubbock, TX @ Cactus Courtyard
10/21 Las Vegas, NV @ South Hills Church
10/23 Tempe, AZ @ Nile Theatre
10/24 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction (The Chariot ends)

Sleeping Giant
10/25 Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro
10/26 Boise, ID @ The Venue
10/27 Spokane, WA @ The Kave
10/28 Seattle, WA @ Studio 7
10/30 Salt Lake City, UT @ Foursquare Church
10/31 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
11/1 Omaha, NE @ Sokol Underground
11/2 Bloomington, IL @ The Castle Theatre
11/3 Dayton, OH @ The Attic
11/4 Lansing, MI @ The Loft
11/6 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
11/7 Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall
11/8 Danbury, CT @ Tuxedo Junction
11/9 Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
11/10 Columbia, MD @ Genxaret
11/11 Greensboro, NC @ Greene Street

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  1. JoshIVM says:

    Now that’s a tour. Jealous of The Chariot dates though.

  2. Matt Fox says:

    It’s pretty sad that such a disgusting band like “For Today” is able to headline a tour esp having the chariot as openers. I guess if Benny Henn has two jets, For Today should be able to headline a tour, huh?

  3. Justin (emergenscenery) says:


  4. bobbythebuff says:

    Might be making a three hour drive to Mobile for this. I’ll be there for the Chariot. The rest is just a bonus.

  5. thruchristalone777 says:

    Sweet!!! Seriously want to go to the Tempe, AZ date!

  6. ParkerloveJesus says:

    I pray “Matt Fox” has actually sat down and talked with the members of For Today before leaving that comment. If you truly got to know their hearts for the Lord, you would watch what you say.

    • Chris says:

      Can you KNOW someone’s heart is for the Lord?

      It’s nice to see people giving to the poor, and I’ve heard stories about healings at their shows (though they didn’t use it on a poster as a selling point like members of SG did), but – irrespective of how orthodox or unorthodox, Christian or Hindu a band’s lyrics are – I don’t see any value in being inspired by the actions of a band.

      They can convince you that they are repentant Christians (though I know at least Mattie believes you can be sinless on Earth, so maybe he feels no need for repentance), but you should always be more concerned with what God’s done through Jesus and what He’s said in His Word than what ANYONE claims God has done through them or what anyone claims God has told them.

      The Word of God’s been around a long time, and proven to be true. Focus on the cross, God’s Word and what Jesus did for sinners. Repent and believe that you are justified by what Christ did, not by anything you have done or will ever do.

      I’m not saying this to slam For Today, but to let you know only God knows our hearts.

    • Tyler says:

      Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks… It doesn’t take long to find what is in peoples heart. Also where your treasure is there your heart is also… so just watching what people treasure most is a good indicator of whats in their heart. People can be hypocrites and put on a good show, but it doesn’t take long before its revealed. of coarse its not my place to judge another man’s servant…

    • Justin (emergenscenery) says:

      Solid, Tyler. I totally agree.

  7. BunnySlippersMan says:

    :O *dies of happiness*

    Sad The Chariot won’t be on the date I’m going to, but still REALLY FREAKING EXCITED!!

  8. Drum_mer says:

    Wow 3 people from Vancouver?!? Sick! I’m gonna drive down for the show too.

  9. Zac says:

    Lancaster!!! WOOOOT

  10. CommanderKeen says:

    I will go to this concert, see Hundredth, The Chariot, and Impending Doom and leave more than satisfied.

  11. taras says:

    Awesome. Going to the Seattle date!!!

  12. Godzola says:

    This is one of those “hey, pick five of your favorite bands to go on tour together” shows, minus Texas. There’s other bands I’d like to see over them, but 5 out of 6 isn’t bad. Damn good tour

  13. I have seen For Today twice already (once with Texas in July), and I will probably be back at this Lancaster show. I didn’t realize so many people had a problem with the band’s theology, but hopefully I can add one comment to that debate with turning this into a debate about my own beliefs…

    I also disagree with some things the band says, but based on the comments above, they are not the same things that are bothering other people. I won’t name specifics because that’s not the point of my comment, but suffice to say that on many issues (not all) I am fairly liberal, both politically and theologically (at least by evangelical standards), while For Today is clearly not. But what keeps bringing me back is the strength of their faith, and their constant challenge for us to give our whole selves to Christ. For Today is right when they say that Jesus asks a whole lot more than most of us are normally willing to give him, and I continue to listen and watch this band because I need as many reminders of this challenge as I can get. I may not like their fire and brimstone, but they do make me more aware of my sin, which drives me back to the cross, which inspires me to deeper devotion to, and participation in, the life and mission of Christ. How can that be a bad thing?

  14. i was joking the other day about how this show could almost be considered a “formerly facedown” tour haha

  15. Brandon says:

    I am not a Benny Hinn fan at all. The guy is from Orange County and has been here most of my life. From what i’ve heard, not the greatest person. His “Headquarters” are in my city of Aliso Viejo. Will I ever visit there? Heck no. lol. Same goes for that atrocious eye sore of a building, the TBN headquarters in Costa Mesa. As much as I despise that group, I am not going to put down For Today and their ministry which seems to be doing quite a bit of good among jaded, disconnected, hurting, and hopeless youth across the world. There is a lot of pain in this world and if people can get solace through a metalcore band like For Today, then that hard work has definitely paid off. Some of that fire and brimstone stuff isn’t for me but I do see the love of Christ through the music of For Today. I may not dig their music personally but if people find joy in it, then that’s wonderful.

    • Brandon says:

      Also, like Josh Murphy has said on this site many times before, you can’t develop all your theological understanding and base your Faith on Christian bands. Sure they can offer peace, hope, and all that jazz, but ultimately your relationship with God should be cultivated by yourself with your own Bible and not based on what some rock band says. You can be influenced but shouldn’t be swayed one way or the other by what some band says/does. Make sense?

    • Tyler says:

      I love darth hinn!

  16. David says:

    At least Matt didn’t hide his name on here. If anyone missed my comment about “Misanthropy Pure,” I’m guessing it’s Matt from Shai Hulud and that makes sense why he would feel the need to trash talk a Christian band like For Today.

    • ^^ 1. That means nuthin, anybody can randomly make a name/ sn/ id on here.
      2. Y wud that “make sense”?. Shai hulud is frends wit alot of Christian bands, they even shared the same druma 4 a wile wit Strongarm. If anythin, ther lyrix cud b construed as very spriritual 4 a secula band.

    • sam30 says:

      I saw it and had a good chuckle.

    • Matt Fox says:

      David, congrats! You have perfectly executed the sterotypical christian act of judging. I am not in Shai Hulud and I don’t even listen to them.

    • David says:

      Hey man, I made a guess, and a wrong one at that. I’m cool with owning up to that. Don’t be so quick to crucify me when you yourself are saying “For Today is a band made for charismatic youth groups who have had their brain fixed since they were born.” I’m the furthest thing from a charismatic youth group kid and I love the band and actually have a relationship with one member apart from judging him from what I may see from various encounters. So. Yes, I was wrong. Congrats on proving me wrong there. I bet you feel great, don’t you?

  17. Drum_mer says:

    @Justin Yea wasn’t that november? And ya it was An amazing show.

  18. Matt Fox says:

    I’m sorry but I wasn’t aware that I am not able to have an opinion on this band or what they stand for. For Today is the equivalent to a TBN televangelist. I don’t agree with how they display the gospel and/or the love of Jesus Christ. But, I could be completely wrong and they are doing it 100% right. I have seen too many people turned off by this band and I have seen too many “non-christ followers” leaving their show feeling judged, condemmed and feeling every emotion other than the love that God shows. God is a just God but if a person is not a christ follower or if they do not agree with your spiritual beliefs we have absolutely no right to judge them. For Today is a band made for charismatic youth groups who have had their brain fixed since they were born.

    • BunnySlippersMan says:

      I would kinda agree, went to the Danbury, CT show last night and honestly felt the same way. Especially right after excellent and extremely non-judgmental Christian talks from Sleeping Giant and Impending Doom. (Yes, even Impending Doom was less judgmental on stage than FT) I was really pretty surprised at how much even I as a Christian was turned off to Mattie’s message. Tommy Green did an amazing job though, hopefully more people were listening to him than Mattie. :/

    • Zac says:

      How so? I’ve seen them once or twice now, and actually seeing this tour tonight.
      I’ve loved Mattie’s sermons and talks during and after shows

    • BunnySlippersMan says:

      This was my first time seeing them live, but I’ve heard/seen Mattie speak in interviews/videos/etc. and most of them were awesome, but last night, dunno, he never really talked about grace or anything, mostly just how “God demands perfection”.
      it was more depressing than encouraging, I didn’t hate it, but I know there were lots of non-Christians there, not sure how they felt about it.

    • BunnySlippersMan says:

      Also their whole set felt REALLY scripted, including everything Mattie said, felt like he was just reading from a script the whole time.

  19. Ryan G says:

    Someone explain what Hinn and For Today supposedly have to do with each other, I’m in the dark…

    • Tyler says:

      I’m assuming both are “Word of Faith”

    • thruchristalone777 says:

      A quote by Hinn was used on For Today’s most recent album Immortal.

    • Jake Potter says:

      yeah but the quote of hinn talking was him reciting scripture. so for today may have just wanted to use the scripture not necessarilly hinn.

    • thruchristalone777 says:

      Right, I understand that, but that is the correlation that people are having between the two… Trust me, I am the idiot who brought it up on the other thread that ended up exploding into a huge theological argument…

      With that being said, I still don’t agree with Hinn or his ministry, and I am not going to waiver on my stance that they could have chosen to use a different person saying the same quote, but I have seen nothing but good intentions from For Today and their ministry. I may not agree with everything that Mattie says, but I know that God is using them, Which is why I continue to support them and I am looking forward to seeing them on Oct. 23.

  20. Tony Takach says:

    For today is a Christian band, not secular band. If they didn’t speak of Christ in their lyrics, or how important it is to not conform to this world, I probably wouldn’t listen to them. Most of what I listen to is Christian music. Its important to me, that if a band claims to be Christian, then they better not be afraid to preach the Gospel.

  21. Brandon says:


  22. Brandon says:

    If I were between the ages of 16-18, i’d totally go to this. Now, not so much.

  23. Nancy J says:

    Anyone know how much general admission is and what time doors open for the show in Lubbock, TX??

  24. BunnySlippersMan says:

    Went to one of these stops last night, and have to revoke my comment about preferring The Chariot to Sleeping Giant.

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