Showbread – I’m Afraid That I’m Me

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Showbread – I’m Afraid That I’m Me

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13 Responses to 'Showbread – I’m Afraid That I’m Me'

  1. I want to hear this SOOOOO bad right now, but I have class in 20 minutes! Oh well, priorities must be met. Catch you in a few hours, new space-galactic-interstellar-Raw-Rockalistic-Euphoria!

  2. scott says:

    Is that ska I hear?

  3. kurtis says:

    Wow, BEST EVER!!! I LOVE this song!!! So much great music this year, Sons, P86, Classic Crime, Children 18:3, Impending Doom, P.O.D., the Followers! But this, Wow, easily my favorite new song in a long time. So looking forward to Cancer!

  4. metalhunter says:

    This is good. A nice mix between The Fear of God and Who Can Know It?

  5. Lucas says:

    This song reminds me of “The Fisherman Song” by Mae oddly enough. Even though the two sound nothing alike. Haha! Really digging it though! Can’t wait for (the album) Cancer!!

  6. I love this song

  7. Col down under says:

    If you down load the latest Come & live sampler you will get a second new Showbread track from the cancer album & trust me its just as good as this one. Make sure you leave a donation at come & live its all for a good cause.

  8. John says:

    Im hoping for my early download any day now.

  9. What I Can Do For My Country Essay. says:

    Sounds like Who Can Know It? mixed with some old school Showbread screams, some Green Day esk vibes and a pinch of Ska. I really like the punk elements of the song and am interested to see the rest of the album and watch the movie.

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