Chris Greenwood (Manafest) Releases Side Project “Stories Since Seventy Nine”

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Chris Greenwood (Manafest) Releases Side Project “Stories Since Seventy Nine”

Chris Greenwood (Manafest) recently posted on Facebook that he was releasing a side project called “Stories Since Seventy Nine”. These seem to be less Hip-Hop inspired than his previous work. You can purchase the EP on iTunes

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5 Responses to 'Chris Greenwood (Manafest) Releases Side Project “Stories Since Seventy Nine”'

  1. AustinG says:

    Promising iTunes previews, but it sounds to me just like his newest Manafest stuff (minus the hip-hop). I miss the rock he used to bring on “Epiphany” and “The Chase.”

    • Iaya97 says:

      I agree that is sounds a lot like his recent Manafest stuff, and it isn’t bad at all. From the previews only, I think I would like this EP more than “Fighter.” I’m just curious as to why he would make a side project like this. Maybe the lyrics are more about girls and stuff?

  2. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    Boring. Anyone remember the Mislead Youth ep? So good. But it’s been a steady downhill since. :(

    • JahWarriah says:

      Hopefully his rock/pop style side-project means a return back to his roots as his original sound with Manafest. One can only hope, I guess. I miss the great rap rock (almost rapcore) sound he used to have…

  3. mr. zer0 says:

    All his albums are great, and this is coming from someone who still clings to his rapcore music collection.

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