Could Kevin Max be the New Lead Singer of Audio Adrenaline?

By Ian DeVaney on August-21-2012 | Filed under Quinnipiac Admission Essay.

Could Kevin Max be the New Lead Singer of Audio Adrenaline?

***Update: Pro Abortion Essay visit. will be joining AudioA as their new lead singer. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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  1. I saw a fake-news twitter account tweet about it, but I figured they just made it up.

  2. if he did, that would make for a great dctalk reunion tour with dctalk, newsboys & audio adrenaline

  3. somebody asked him if there was any validity to him joining audio A and kevin max said he wasn’t at liberty to say

  4. Chris says:

    I’d be a little surprised. It’s not that Audio Adrenaline was all that bold in their lyrics, but Kevin Max has – at bare minimum – cast doubt on scholarly, orthodox interpretation of Scripture and possibly doesn’t believe in biblical inerrancy. I’m going off tweets he’s sent out.

    I do agree that it would be all kinds of crazy if they toured with Newsboys and TobyMac.

    Hahahaha. Throw in Peter Furler and his band, and you’d have the wildest encores.

    Peter Furler would play, then Audio Adrenaline, then Newsboys, then Newsboys’ encore would be with Furler, then TobyMac, then TobyMac’s encore would be a 1 hour and 5 minute dc Talk set. I don’t think Furler plans on going on big tours.

    I wouldn’t go to this show, but I know a few who would.

    • Smacky X says:

      Can you give some examples of the tweets you are talking about?

    • Phd Comics Thesis Writing Progress click. says:

      it would be cool to throw peter furler on that show because phil joel is in his backing band!

    • Chris says:

      He was defending someone who was either
      a. Saying homosexuality wasn’t a sin against a critic who was adamant that one of the Scriptures about homosexuality was actually not contextual (as in referring to child slaves or something), saying that he himself must not be a Christian in this critic’s eyes, either.
      b. It was something about Biblical inerrancy, and he again sided with the person skeptical of Scripture

      It was awhile back, probably over a year and a half ago, and I don’t have interest in looking it up (no offense; I’m just not a fan and therefore I’m really not offended).

      These days, many pick and choose which verses they want to believe, and hold onto contradictory, historically-debunked interpretations about the controversial things in the Bible like turning the other cheek, lust being immoral, Jesus being the only way to Heaven, Hell being eternal, the new covenant making the old one obsolete, Jesus’s work being sufficient, and homosexual sex being immoral. See: Rob Bell.

      “Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.” – 2 Timothy 4:2-4 ESV

      If I were Kevin Max, I’d take the job. When artists like Audio Adrenaline or No Doubt go away for awhile, they can use the nostalgia factor to sell more tickets. It’s like “I better go see them or it could be another six years”. Their last show was in 2007. Max is 45, but some of these performers can command a stage into their mid-to-late 70’s.

    • Tyler says:

      yeah because everyone has to be orthodox and believe the bible is a magical book that has been copied thousands of times without the slip of a finger. Because of that one bible verse that says “all the books that will one day be gathered together into one big book called the bible will be perfectly inerrant” anyone who has even looked into manuscripts would know of such a thing as copyist error and know it exists… the bible says that God inspired all the writings of scripture. never said he inspired the copies that were taken. example: Solomon had 40,000 stalls of horses. 1 Ki.4:26.
      Solomon had 4,000 stalls of horses. 2 Chr.9:25. am i really gonna be that dogmatic and blind to suggest that this is not a copyist error? no… doesnt mean God’s word is not true, just means humans make mistakes like adding an extra 0 when copying an old and worn out manuscript…

    • Chris says:

      Unfortunately, Tyler, we’re not talking about a copyist error.

      We’re talking about a specific command of God, delivered through a prophet, and people choosing to believe the Bible got it wrong.

      Biblical inerrancy these days, in the macro sense, isn’t about little typos or grammatical errors, but about people calling themselves “Christian” and wholesale REJECTING the Virgin birth, Christ’s sanctifying work, the words of Jesus about lust and revenge, the eternal Hell, the new covenant obliterating the old one, and/or the insufficiency of self-righteousness.

      I explained what Kevin Max said but – once again – my comment got flagged and hasn’t appeared yet.

      I’m not attacking him or anyone who buys his music. I was simply calling it an odd fit.

    • Chris says:

      In the case of others, it’s about EMBRACING interpretations that contrast the historical, scholarly-accepted ones.

    • Chris says:

      I guess TWO of my posts in here got flagged. My last post will make sense when (if?) the one from earlier appears.

    • Tyler says:

      Yeah if i had seen your post my response would have been totally different lol That was weird…

  5. says:

    I don’t know if I’m excited about this or not, it will be interesting if this does happen.

    Jesus freak hideout have posted a tentative release for 2013 for Audio Adrenaline: (and then scroll down to 2012/13 releases). JFH has been pretty accurate with release dates.

    • Ian says:

      hmmm…id say they know something that we dont. I have been hearing this Kevin Max rumor for months now. I really liked Mark Stuart’s vocals, they had so much edge. Kevin Max dosent really “rock” like AA. I think they should have Tyler at least do some vocals still.

    • Wow. If JFH has it listed on their page, then they must have some reliable source (although it does say “rumored”). They’re usually pretty careful about what they post.

    • Ian says:

      You know who would actually make a good replacement? Ben Olin (formerly of This Beautiful Republic). Havent heard from him in ages though

  6. Joel22 says:

    My first thought: “that would be basically insane.” I meant it in a positive, I’m-very-intrigued-by-this-proposition way.

  7. Len says:

    I got a kick out of the completely random troll posting about the “lifelessness of the Bible”.. so to speak. Lol.

    • Tyler says:

      Actually it was a response to “but Kevin Max has – at bare minimum – cast doubt on scholarly, orthodox interpretation of Scripture and possibly doesn’t believe in biblical inerrancy. I’m going off tweets he’s sent out.” Although i did get a little troll like i guess sorry… btw, i would never say the bible is lifeless or whatever. i clearly stated it was the word of God and was inspired…

    • Tyler says:

      I just get irritated when people judge other Christians for not being “orthodox” in their interpretations…

  8. Zac says:

    What happened to the original singer?

  9. Seth Andersen says:

    here’s a video i found on all this

  10. its official. Kevin Max IS IN FACT the new Audio Adrenaline singer!

  11. iSkelly87 says:

    I don’t know what to think about this. DC talk is basically a part of the 3 big bands I grew up with, but I still rather have DC Talk….

  12. Jeremy says:

    According to JFH it is true:!.asp

    Tait with the newsboys is weird.

    Max with AA is stupid.

  13. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    K. The CCM post lists that Dave Ghazarian of Superchick is in the band. But Jesusfreakhideout says Stu G of Delirious.

    What the heck is with everyone wanting a piece of the pie????

    • Justin (emergenscenery) says:

      However, I do think that Stu G and Kevin Max making music together would be interesting, if they were going for an experimental Brit-rock sort of sound. But that won’t work for “Big House.”

    • iamjustin says:

      I talked to dave g this summer and he was playing with peter furler, he didn’t mention anything with aa, but I didn’t think to ask

  14. Jesus Freak Hideout updated their post with this:
    “AFTERNOON UPDATE: Sorry folks, Will McGinniss had originally told us Stu from Delirious was on guitar. Apparently it “didn’t work out,” but he did tell us that guitarist Dave Ghazarian of Superchick is on guitar and Jason Walker (Know Hope Collective) is on keys and additional vocal work!”!.asp

  15. JoshIVM says:

    It’s basically a cover band with one member of the band. This is a joke.

  16. Kurtis Wilson says:

    This is DUMB!!! I’m fine with them making music together, but come up with an original name since it’s not truly Audio Adrenaline. It’s like a money grab. If a band is constant without stopping even through line up changes, Ie, P86, Underoath, Zao, etc. then the band is still functioning and the name should stay (think of a company turning over employees after years in the business). However if the band quits, fails, or falls of the face of the earth, then a reunion under the same former name should only be used if it’s truly a reunion. Not just new people using the old name. LAME!

  17. ive seen many similar sentiments to when when Michael Tait joined the Newsboys. i would agree that Newsboys with Michael Tait is not the real Newsboys. i love their music and own both albums, but still, its not the same. haha even on my iPod, the new Newsboys are labeled Taitboys. I’m sure when new Audio Adrenaline comes out with Kevin Max on vocals, on my iPod i will label it Max Adrenaline something like that haha

  18. jim says:

    strange. now I think pigs will fly. Come on, I want to see DC Talk again. what a huge tour that will be. I’m taking all my kids and rocking out to in the light and Jesus Freak!

    • JoshIVM says:

      tobymac seems to be doing quite well for himself without DC Talk so not sure if this would happen.

    • JoshIVM, you gotta admit that a dctalk, tobymac, newsboys w/ tait, audio adrenaline w/ kevin max, peter furler (especially now that phil joel is in the backing band) & know hope collective (the group that mark stuart & will mcginnis were in) would be a very successful tour

    • JoshIVM says:

      Do you realize how much that tour would cost? Your ticket price would be quite high unless all of the artists agreed to a much smaller cut than they would take on their own tour. I’m not sure it would be very successful as a combined tour at all.

    • iSkelly87 says:

      I’d pay it without eeven thinking about it. Heck I have been wanting to see DC talk since I was 6.

    • Justin (emergenscenery) says:

      Knowing Tobymac, it would have to be expensive. Sick of overpriced corporate Christianity.

  19. John says:

    No offense to AudioA or KMax but……wat?

  20. Taylor C. says:

    Cool. I like this news.

    I like AA. I like KMax. Let’s see if they mix.

  21. Brandon says:

    I like Audio Adrenaline’s later albums. This? Not so much.

  22. hmm, now what would happen if all of the outcasted members reformed as DC Talk?

  23. hmmm…. this is going to be interesting. But yeah, they should’ve changed their name because this is NOT Audio Adrenaline. Despite the name change, it’s going to be interesting to see Kevin Max making CCM/rock music again after many years as an independent artist.

    Hope that Superchick is ok though (because Dave Ghazarian is now in Audio Adrenaline!), and with Tricia Brock releasing her second solo album, let’s hope that Superchick are given a nice sendoff they deserve!

    Here’s hoping that Kevin Max sings some good ‘covers’ of previous Audio Adrenaline songs, but I guess how Michael Tait rarely sings Peter’s songs (except for Something Beautiful and He Reigns now!), I’m anticipating this new band will forge their own musical identity in the upcoming years.

    • John says:

      That’s what I’m thinking they’ll do too, the fact that they’re working on a new album might be a good sign. I was okay with Tait/Newsboys so I’ll probably be okay with this as long as they don’t use the word “reunion” much. I’m just trying to imagine what Audio Adrenaline, Kevin Max, Jason Walker, and members of Bleach and Superchic[K] fusing together into one band sounds like.

      As far as a DC Talk reunion, this was posted today
      tl;dr: Everyone’s for it, no one’s against it, everyone’s busy, it’ll happen when the time is right.

  24. Ty says:

    Is that guy, that was in newsboys or audio a, that wore a leather jacket and they called the terminator in either band now? or alive?

  25. Ian says:

    but…but…but….NOOOOOooooo. Even Know Hope Collective is closer to AA than this. What happened to the Tyler guy? I havent heard from him in ages.

  26. Chris says:

    In mainstream, it’s rare for just ONE original member to take a DORMANT band and revive it with 80% new members. I’m not sure Jared would count, having not worked on any recorded music.

    I can almost guarantee they will play some dc Talk as well.

    Technically, Barry Blair (professor at Asbury college in Kentucky) could tour with Bob Herdman (web developer) and it would be TWICE as much Audio Adrenaline as this band.

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