Becoming the Archetype – The Time Bender

By Brandon J. on August-21-2012 | Filed under Getting Help With A Business Plan.

Check out the new lyric video from Becoming the Archetype for their new song “The Time Bender”. The band’s new album “I Am” will be out on September 18th.

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17 Responses to 'Becoming the Archetype – The Time Bender'

  1. Shane McKnight says:

    So excited for this. A little different from where BTA was headed, but I feel it’s a slight return to their original sound. The lyrics to this are so great too, very spiritual and deep, which BTA has been known for having. Just glad they haven’t left that with the new vocalist.

  2. Dakota says:

    Probably the greatest lyric video ive ever seen

  3. scott says:

    So freakin good.

  4. Taylor C. says:

    Been rocking to this all day; gewwwwwwd stuff.

  5. metalhunter says:

    This just sounds just like their last album, just heavier. Idk, call me over-critical, but I just can’t get into this song. Then again I felt the same way about LTTE’s newest album as well, and their cd blew me away. I have to hear more songs to get a better feel.

  6. thruchristalone777 says:

    The new vocalist sounds really close to Jason Wisdom which is great. It’s always a bummer when a band gets a new vocalist and it completely changes the sound of the band, that’s not the case for this. Super stoked!

  7. Jared says:

    Just not feeling this one… hopefully the others will change my mind.

  8. John says:

    Yeah, not sure how much I like this song. A little too grunge/sludge metal for me. I’ve loved the first four albums, I’d like to hear more from this album.

  9. CommanderKeen says:

    as I expected, the song sounds WAY better here than it did in the live video that was posted a few weeks back. definitely on my radar now.

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