Project 86 Track By Track

By Brody B on August-20-2012 | Filed under Custom Case Analysis.

Project 86 Track By Track

Head over to Saic Admission Essay. for a track by track explanation from Andrew Schwab about each song on Wait for the Siren.

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    • MrM says:

      Agreed, very much so. And I liked how he discussed the lyrical subject matter, rather than Ryan Clark who mostly just talked about how the music sounded. Not that that’s bad, but I’d prefer to hear more about what’s being said. But I didn’t see an explanation for the title-track? Which is interesting, at least to me, I kind of expected Schwab to say something about it, just as he seems to be a rather in depth person and everything has a meaning. I hate seeing instrumentals put on for filler (well actually I hate seeing them put on at all, to be truthful), so it’s nice when there’s some meaning behind them.
      Please note I don’t think P86 put on an instrumental track for filler. And I just bought the CD and just got home now, so I actually haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, the instrumental track’s meaning may yet become clear to me :P

  1. jim says:

    I”m i loosing it? what day is this? tuesday right? I the new project and the new owl city is not on spotify. I hate it when i spend 10$ a month but the new stuff does not come out the day of. The rocket summer didn’t come out till a month after.

  2. jim says:

    owl city just showed up on spotify

  3. This is a kind of article/feature we def need to have here on IVM. I love these.

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