Your Chance To Die To Record

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Your Chance To Die To Record

Your Chance To Die will be recording their sophomore album for Red Cord Records in October.

10 Responses to 'Your Chance To Die To Record'

  1. BunnySlippersMan says:

    I really can’t stand this band. Someone told me they were “melodic death metal” so I went into it expecting a Scar Symmetry-esque sound. Was very dissapointed

    • ^^ Im sure alota people say the same about u, budy, lol.

    • DT says:

      That’s a bummer that you can’t stand a band because your expectations were off.

      They’re actually a little too melodic for my taste in death metal, ha, but I do enjoy and respect the sound they’ve chosen. I’ll definitely be buying the new album when it’s released.

    • David says:

      That’s why I hate genre labels sometimes, because while I could see where YOU were confused, I’ve always thought of At the Gates when I think of melo-death. However, I feel you on the band. Great people, but not that great of music. I’ll still check out the new album, though.

    • BunnySlippersMan says:

      It’s not just my expectations, even aside from that I’m just not typically a fan of death metal in general, there are only like 5 death metal bands I like so it really takes a lot for me to like that style of music and this band just doesn’t quite do it for me. Regardless of my expectations I just don’t really like this band

    • scott says:

      ^^ O SNAP.

    • BunnySlippersMan says:

      Sarcasm scott?

  2. matthew says:

    this guys are melodic death metal, not like Children of Bodom, or Scar symmetry, but like The Black Dahlia Murder or Wretched.

  3. Taylor C. says:

    Awesome band.

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