Rocky Loves Emily – Be Mine Tonight

By JoshIVM on August-18-2012 | Filed under Audre Lorde Essays.

Esl Descriptive Essay Writing. music video for the track “Be Mine Tonight”. The song is taken from the band’s latest, titled Secrets Don’t Make Friends. Check the video out below.

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  1. David says:

    This is the best band on Tooth and Nail right now.

  2. Brandon Ellis says:

    Thanks for posting this josh!

    -Brandon, RLE

  3. brandon ellis says:

    Lucas that rules dude! yeah, its interesting when people relate “deep” lyrics to maturity. When we were all younger, we were in different bands that had deeper lyrical content. I was in a band very similar to As Cities Burn called “fifthwindowhigh” and then actually joined the Tooth and Nail band, Search The City for a while. I definitely know how to write music with more “substance” but with this record, we purposely set out to do something a little more light hearted than what our past bands had done. That said, for our next full length we plan on going a little deeper lyrically and more complex musically, but i wouldnt say that means we are maturing. It just means we are setting out to do something deeper. I am excited for you to hear it :) -Brandon,RLE

  4. Matthew Kaminski says:

    I hear more about this band on AltPress or absolutepunk than any other band on tooth and nail. It seems like they are getting bigger than most of the other bands on the label. I dont understand why bands like Emery dont do tours anymore. I guess this is just the next generation of T&N. It’s growing on me. I would consider myself a new fan of Rocky Loves Emily.

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