Project 86 – Wait For the Siren

By Brody B on August-17-2012 | Filed under Kyla Stewart Masters Thesis.

Project 86 – Wait For the Siren

Stream Project 86’s new album, Wait For The Siren at the Descriptive Essays On School. . Make sure to pick up this album when it drops this Tuesday, August 21st.

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11 Responses to 'Project 86 – Wait For the Siren'

  1. Write An Argumentative Essay. says:

    I’ll be posting the review tomorrow. Be sure to check back for it!

  2. Jared says:

    Waiting to see what someone else thinks, after I’ve had it since Tuesday.

  3. Earthseedz says:

    I’ve had this since last week, as well, and P86 are back stronger than ever!! Andrew needed to stretch himself musically and spiritually after 15+ years in the game. He certainly pulls it off!! At times he reminds me of Thrice or Underoath, while other times I was shocked to actually hear him singing. This album is both heavy & dark and closest to the DBL. P86 venture into new musical territory, but this is a “classic” album I will be listening to 10 years from now. I would consider this P86’s most overtly spiritual album, lyrically, to date. I’ve seen P86 in concert, 2X in the past 12 months and it seems it is harder for them to connect with the youngheads when playing alongside the likes of Underoath, For Today and Sleeping Giant. This album should create new fans and has upped the bar for Disciple’s upcoming release. Overall, I’m reminded of how few good Christian hard rock bands are out there vs. all the metal bands.

  4. Lucas says:

    I’ve tried getting into Project 86 for the longest time, but the music they play is just not my cup of tea. That said this album is pretty fantastic. Man I feel like so many bands are killing it this year!

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