Inhale Exhale Post Album Teaser

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Inhale Exhale Post Album Teaser

Inhale Exhale have posted a video album teaser, which you can check out below. The bands new album, titled Movement, releases October 9th via Red Cord Records. Also check out our recent interview with John LaRussa here.

14 Responses to 'Inhale Exhale Post Album Teaser'

  1. Sooo stoked for this album!!! and also did they get a new singer?

  2. Keith.Settles says:


  3. thruchristalone777 says:

    Not digging this all that much… Pretty boring actually. Kinda a bummer.

    • Chandler A. says:

      Haha boring is definitely the right word. Maybe they just picked all the boring parts from the songs and put it in the teaser haha

  4. Dave says:

    Is this Skillet or Demon Hunter?

  5. evan144 says:

    I dunno, I disagree with the boring comment above. I really like it. All the songs sound somewhat similar, and it’s OF COURSE not going to be NEARLY as good as Bury Me Alive, but I like these songs. His cleans sound a lot better now!

  6. Tyler says:

    I agree his cleans sound way better. I will definitely be checking this out…

  7. Jay says:

    uhhhh. This stuff sounds great. And it is just a few clips. Completely disagree with the “boring” comments, this band has always put out good songs.

  8. Andrew Molenaar says:


  9. Steve says:

    I’m definitely digging this

  10. Is that John Pope I hear in “The Collectors”!?

    Sounds like something I’d hear in Narcissus.

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