The Chariot Releases New Song, “In”

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The Chariot Releases New Song, “In”

Head over to Alternative Press to hear the premiere of The Chariot’s new song, “In.” The song comes off of their upcoming album, One Wing, which will be released August 28th. You can pre-order it at Good Fight Music or on iTunes.

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18 Responses to 'The Chariot Releases New Song, “In”'

  1. JahWarriah says:

    This song is great! Looking forward to hearing this record in its entirety.

  2. Lucas says:

    This song is pretty typical for The Chariot. Of course it’s great, and I’d love for there to be one or two songs like this, but with all the things they said about the album I was hoping for something completely out there and unexpected. But this album will be awesome regardless. :)

    • evan144 says:

      Uh, just you wait. This album has tons of unexpecting elements!!! Just in this song you hear some that hasn’t been there before. But their are previews up of the album, and let me tell you, there are 3 songs that you would never expect to be The Chariot!

      LONG LIVE!

    • Lucas says:

      Just listened to the previews and wow. This album is going to be incredible. When I heard “Your” I immediately thought, “Whaaaaat??” But in the best way possible.

    • evan144 says:

      HAHA same here! It is such perfect placement in the album too!

    • Chandler A. says:

      And I love how “Your” is lyrics off of “They Faced Each Other” on ‘The Fiancee’ too!

    • evan144 says:

      Chandler, wow, you are so right!!! How awesome is that?! Only The Chariot can recycle lyrics and make them sound completely new. This band just keeps giving me reasons to make them stay as my favorite band haha!

  3. Bump Galletta says:

    Loved it!

    • thruchristalone777 says:

      Wow these samples sound great! I just bought the triple album pack thingy called ” Before There Was” a few months back since I didn’t own any of their older albums. Definitely looking forward to this one.

  4. ParkerloveJesus says:


  5. Chandler A. says:

    Think this might be one of my fave tracks lyrically…This song is awesome

  6. thruchristalone777 says:

    This album scored a 5 out of 5 over on

  7. Mason says:

    I been abstinent from listening to the new jams so what do you guys think is the lyrical theme of the album?

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