New Heath McNease Album

By Brandon J. on August-16-2012 | Filed under Leadership Essay Mba.

New Heath McNease Album I Do My Homework In German. titled ”The Weight of Glory: Songs Inspired by the Works of CS Lewis” [Thanks Thruchristalone777]

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5 Responses to 'New Heath McNease Album'

  1. TheArchangel says:

    ANOTHER album, Heath?? Wow.
    And an album dedicated to a Christian apologist, nonetheless? Just wow.

  2. Irish Rover says:

    Wow – I wasn’t expecting this. I finally listened to this with the expectation that I would be hearing another fantastic rap album by Heath. Not so! In fact, Heath only raps on one song and even then, I think he raps the bridge and that is it. This took me by surprise but right now I’m really, really liking this album.

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