Free Music From Tooth & Nail/BEC/Solid State

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Free Music From Tooth & Nail/BEC/Solid State

How about some free music from the Tooth & Nail family of labels? Click here for access to free sampler downloads from Tooth & Nail/Solid State/BEC. Enter code: TNN2012SUMMERSAMPLER. [Thanks CMZ]

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9 Responses to 'Free Music From Tooth & Nail/BEC/Solid State'

  1. JahWarriah says:

    I’m betting I have at least 90% of this music in my iTunes library already, lol.

    • ^^ Ya, it wud b nice 2 c a traklist first, lol.

    • Brandon says:

      I didn’t download this because I have most of the songs anyway. I’ll just grab the tracklisting from ChristianMusicZine:

      BEC Sampler:

      Jessa Anderson – Now What I Thought

      Manafest – Pushover

      7eventh Time Down

      Hawk Nelson – We’re Alright

      Kutless – Need

      KJ-52 – Brand New Day

      Seventh Day Slumber – Knows My Name

      Jeremy Camp – King Jesus

      The Museum – Love Will Find You

      Tooth & Nail/Solid State Sampler

      Children 18:3 – Moment To Moment

      Demon Hunter – This I Know

      The Overseer – Amend

      Rocky Loves Emily – Be Mine Tonight

      Nine Lashes – Believe Your Eyes

      Rapture Ruckus – Break The Line

      Becoming The Archetype – Breathing Light

      Family Force 5 – Can You Feel It

      Capital Lights – Coldffront Heatstroke

      Wolves At The Gate – Dead Man

      Icon For Hire – Get Well

      MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE – God of Nothing

      Oh, Sleeper – Hush Yael

      To Speak Of Wolves – Je Suis Fini

      Hyland – Jumping The Gun

      The Letter Black – My Disease (Dirty Lazer Mix)

      August Burns Red – Poor Millionaire

      Write This Down – Red

      Emery – Scissors

      Blessed By A Broken Heart – Shut Up And Rock

      I Am Empire – The Elevator

      Sent By Ravens – We’re All Liars

    • JahWarriah says:

      Yeah, I knew it. And the few songs I don’t have I wouldn’t care to have in the first place, lol. Thanks for posting the tracklisting so I didn’t have to waste my time and disk space downloading it, haha.

    • Iaya97 says:

      I have many of these, but that’s not a bad tracklist. Seems like they waited long enough this year, usually they have a couple samplers out by this time.

  2. Thanx 4 the traklist brandog.

  3. evan144 says:

    Man, like a gazillion steps to download just one of the samplers…then it seems you have to repeat it to get the other haha!

    • thruchristalone777 says:

      Haha yeah. I clicked on the “continue shopping” option to see if I could get both samplers in one swoop and it had an error, so I ended up having to put my info in like 3 times to get the samplers…

    • MrM says:

      Yeah, that was mildly annoying :P Why did they send an email for confirmation of download or whatever, because my download was already going when I got those two..? O.o

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