Disciple “Draw the Line” Single Now Available

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Disciple “Draw the Line” Single Now Available

You can now purchase ”Draw the Line”, the brand new song from http://pce.northwestern.edu/?distance-education-research-paper Distance Education Research Paper. . ”Draw the Line” is the lead single from their forthcoming album O God Save Us All, slated for release on November 13th. [Thanks Jahwarriah]

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10 Responses to 'Disciple “Draw the Line” Single Now Available'

  1. I really hope that the album overall is much heavier than this song. ‘Cause if not I’m gonna be pretty disappointed. It’s only a single though, so it’s hard to tell this early. *Fingers crossed.*

  2. They did something similar with “Dear X” a couple years ago.

  3. Lucas says:

    This band’s never really done anything for me. :/

  4. Tony Takach says:

    Honestly, I don’t mind if they stick to the melodic stuff they’ve been putting out more often since self titled. You’ll hear a few heavier songs, like battle lines, scars remain, someone etc but they have gone the more radio friendly route. But the thing is, for me, I don’t mind much. I need that Christian rock band that I can go to for a more toned down sound. I have a lot of hard core and metal on my iphone, and these guys fill the “hard rock with a handful of ballads” void nicely. Them and bands like kutless. Though kutless has def softened up since they started doing worship albums. I just hope they continue praising God, and keep the message clear. These guys used to be one of my favs, but not so much now. I’d give that spot to my epic, sleeping giant, and close your eyes.

  5. Luke Foster says:

    Weird song, im not sure if i like it, seems in the vein of things left unsaid but without the emotion that song carried.

  6. Dakota says:

    Didn’t even make it past the second verse! lol

  7. MrM says:

    Definitely not a fan of it. While I love some of their slower songs (“Things Left Unsaid” is incredible) this one is not for me. I hope the rest of it is quite a bit different

  8. Zachary Zinn says:

    Why do disciples singles suck so much???

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