Andrew Schar of The W’s Announces New Band Name and Releases First Single

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Andrew Schar of The W’s Announces New Band Name and Releases First Single

If you follow Ska Lives at all, or happen to be a big fan of Professional Cv Writing Service Essex. . You can read an official statement from the band below.

The Big Fix is a band formed in Sisters, Oregon in 2012 by Andrew Schar.

Andrew Schar is the lead singer of the late nineties Christian band The W’s. During their brief career The W’s sold over 200,000 copies of their debut album (Fourth From the Last), were awarded two GMA Dove Awards, and took part in the WOW 1999 and WOW 2000 compilation albums. Both compilations are double platinum certified for selling over two million copies.
Andrew was one of the main writing forces behind The W’s spiritual yet goofy lyrics and sound.

The W’s abrupt exit from the scene after only three short years left a lot of unfinished business. The Big Fix is here to pick up the torch and continue the race. The music definitely picks up where The W’s left off. With a mixture of upbeat guitars and horns the swing style keeps rolling forward with a modern blues rock twist. Andrew’s love for music and creating has only flourished over the years. The passion for music and his faith is overwhelming obvious with this latest collection of songs.

The first single release from The Big Fix, Dead Wrong, is about the downward spiral we all face when attempting to go through life with our backs turned on God. It relates how easy it is to fall into wrongfully judging others and ignoring the planks in our own eyes. In the end denying our need for God is just fighting a losing battle.

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  1. iskelly87 says:

    Great! The W’s were a huge favorite of mind growing up.

  2. The Oogsterday says:

    title=”Looking Forward”
    Well this is exciting news. I always felt like the W’s had more to give and hopefully, if this article is right, they do. It should be interesting to see how Andrew’s writing style has changed. One of the best things about Little A is that he doesn’t always feel the need to reach into the upper hemisphere of his range to make a song good. That’s a quality that few bands possess.

  3. I liked “Trouble With X” so much more than the W’s debut. It’s unfortunate it received next to no attention. I am stoked to check this new band out tho!

  4. Irish Rover says:

    I’m not sure if I’m more surprised that Andrew Schar is forming another band with a “swing style” or that someone under age 75 lives in Sisters, Oregon. If you’ve never been there, it’s located in a gorgeous part of the Cascades but it is a tourist town designed in the old west style and the big draw is the annual Outdoor Quilt Show. Yeehaw!

  5. Bump Galletta says:

    I was never on The W’s bandwagon

  6. Bump Galletta says:

    just incase you were wondering.

  7. Bump Galletta says:

    Im fine with that

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