An Epic No Less – Come to the Cross

By Brandon J. on August-15-2012 | Filed under B2b Marketing Master Thesis.

Check out this lyric video from Thesis Statement On Autism. for their new song “Come to the Cross”. The band’s new album “Echo of Love” is now available. Is anyone getting a Falling Up vibe on this song?

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  1. Jordan says:

    I feel like every time I hear this band I really want to like them, but I never come away wanting to listen to any song more than once. Their first single “Echo of Love” was awesome but every other song they have put out just can’t stand up to that. They are lacking the edge/grit/passion that they really need and it makes it really tough for me to get into it.

    If a band can’t convince me that they are passionate about their own music, then why should I be?

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