In The Midst Of Lions Officially Break Up

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In The Midst Of Lions Officially Break Up

As we’ve known for some time now Gun Control Argumentative Essay. broke up but they have finally released a vague statement. Read it below. [Thanks thruchristalone777]

Hello everyone!

We are so so sorry for how long it has taken us to update you all on the situation with the band.

After our last tour in November of 2011 ended we came home with intentions of resting up and heading back out on the road on the “Kingdom Days” tour in April of 2012. Unfortunately, the long break from tour along with some other opportunities for a couple of the band members meant that 2 of our members were leaving the band. This caused us to cancel our April tour for the remaining members to decide what our next step was. After a few months of no decisions and lack of motivation to catch 2 new members up to speed we decided to call it quits and see where the Lord would take us in our own lives individually.

We are truly sorry that we took so long I update you all. If we have any farewell tour shows or even a tour in the future we will update you all immediately.

God bless you all and thank you for the support through the years! We truly appreciate all your support!!


24 Responses to 'In The Midst Of Lions Officially Break Up'

  1. this sucks… I know their one guitar player has been a guitar tech for For Today. It’s cool to see him still on the road. Hopefully more things to come from these guys!

  2. Luke Foster says:

    this kind of sucks, but i really felt like the band wasnt progressing after their debut

  3. Anotha facedown band bites the dust.

  4. Andrew Molenaar says:

    Sucks, but that’s as vague as it needs to be. They don’t owe us anything more than that.

  5. Zac says:

    Facedown needs to pick up my heart to hear. Great band, awesome guys

  6. Phil Recognition says:

    meh. facedown just needs needs to all their old bands back

    • sam30 says:

      Or at least sign hardcore bands…

    • David says:

      Sam and Phil- agreed. honestly, I feel like they lost their steam once For Today blew up and didn’t really “need” them anymore. For Today could have gone independent after Breaker and been just fine. But even before For Today, they weren’t too hot. What sucks is so many kids are growing up with this era of Facedown and Solid State and they missed the best years, whether it was NIV and Figure Four or Extol and Living Sacrifice.

    • DT says:

      Oh, nostalgia. I no longer buy everything Facedown puts out, but I bet if I listened to it all it’s probably pretty good. I know the new album from The Burial is amazing, but maybe they aren’t a ‘new’ enough band?

      I’ve picked up some of the stuff they’ve been cultivating on Strike First. I think Dynasty delivers for hardcore and Messengers… Messengers need a Facedown full-length soon! Their sound is awesome!

    • David says:

      The Burial….pssshhhh…..that band sucks :P I’d say they’re still a newer band for Facedown, at least, because when when I was in the band and we signed to SF, the band had existed for five years already, which is a long time for a lot of bands nowadays.

      Anyways. Dynasty is pretty good but Messengers isn’t affiliated with the label anymore. I’m content with their back catalog, but it sucks that there aren’t that many quality spirit-filled hardcore bands anymore. Maybe if Sam30 would move his band over to the states…

    • DT says:

      Haha, yeah you can joke like that :) Great album.

      Ah, I did not know that about Messengers. I’ll have to hunt them down on a social networking site so I can keep up and not miss out on new stuff.

    • sam30 says:

      I back everything David M says. Maybe apart from that sam30’s band thing… heh.

    • sam30 says:

      Dynasty and Messengers are pretty rad, though. And Saving Grace are some of the best dudes out.

  7. C Moody Smith says:

    Hey, does anybody happen to know where the guys are now? Sam has taken Mike Reynolds’ spot in For Today I know, but are the other guys doing anything now?

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