Hawk Nelson Get Kickstarted

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Hawk Nelson Get Kickstarted

Hawk Nelson have decided to launch a kickstarter to fund their new album with Jonathan Steingard on lead vocals. Watch the video below and http://www.abundancebound.com/blog/order-resume-online-buffalo-wild-wings/ Order Resume Online Buffalo Wild Wings. .

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16 Responses to 'Hawk Nelson Get Kickstarted'

  1. So they’re going the indie route as well? There’s another former Tooth & Nail band gone to Kickstarter. And it sounds like they may have lost their edge now that Jason’s gone.

  2. GPayne says:

    Legitimately awful band. Sorry.

  3. Taylor says:

    Can’t weigh in yet whether I think this album will be better or worse than the last, but… is anyone else getting a Stellar Kart / Me in Motion vibe from the songs previewed? Especially with the new vocalist?

  4. Bump Galletta says:

    These guys were never a punk rock band.

  5. First two albums were great

    since then not so much

  6. http://www.pirai.rj.gov.br/?how-to-write-diploma-master-or-phd-thesis How To Write Diploma Master Or Phd Thesis. says:

    Reading these comments has been more fun than listening to anything this band has done since the debut.

  7. Luke Foster says:

    Wow, their still around? lost track of them after their we have no friends album or whatever it was called.

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