Further Seems Forever – Penny Black Teaser & Press Release

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Further Seems Forever – Penny Black Teaser & Press Release

Check out a video teaser for the new Critic Essay Writing. album “Penny Black” (Due October 23rd), below. You can also read the press release below.

LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 7, 2012 – Seminal Florida rock band Further Seems Forever today announced that they have signed to Rise Records and will release a new full-length album on October 23, 2012. Entitled Penny Black, the release features the band’s original lineup, together for the first time since the band’s much-lauded debut album, The Moon Is Down (2001).

The band’s formative singer Chris Carrabba, who has put his solo project Dashboard Confessional temporarily on hold to pursue this reunion, co-produced the disc with Jonathan Clark and Mike Fanuell in his own studio in South Florida. The band spent over two years consistently penning and laying down the tracks.

“Having a partnership with Further Seems Forever is a dream come true,” said Rise Records founder Craig Ericson. “I’ve been a huge fan since their debut album and have been an avid fan of Chris/Dashboard Confessional. Rise Records is honored to release this future classic.”

The release of Penny Black not only marks a return to form for a group that has been so beloved over the years, but also yields the opportunity to conclude one chapter and open the next. “I think I speak for the band as a whole: It’s closure on a long, convoluted history,” said Carrabba. “It’s great to finally get a chance to follow up what we did with the five of us together.”

Stay tuned for live dates to be announced in the coming weeks. Further Seems Forever is Chris Carrabba (vocals), Joshua Colbert (guitar), Chad Neptune (bass), Steve Kleisath (drums), and Nick Dominguez (guitar).

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27 Responses to 'Further Seems Forever – Penny Black Teaser & Press Release'

  1. robshameless says:

    i just posted the same thing i deleted it though

  2. I want to preorder!

  3. Travis Aker says:

    This going to be sick,off the hook,and off the chain.

  4. Purchase A Dissertation Keeping view. says:

    I think Chris was my least favourite FSF album. Ooo, controversial.

  5. I am so pumped about this, it’s not even funny.

  6. http://delauro.house.gov/?best-resume-writing-services-military-highway Best Resume Writing Services Military Highway. says:

    1. Even mor stoked now, altho im not sure about the album cova art+ generic logo.
    2. “I think I speak for the band as a whole: It’s closure on a long, convoluted history,” said Carrabba.- Duz that mean ther just guna do 1 tour afta the cd is released n thats it?

  7. JoshIVM says:

    Not sold on these clips.

  8. Greg says:

    I loved the last FSF. Looking forward to this one. Can’t really tell much from snippets of songs, but I have faith in these guys. They have 3 solid releases in their catalog, and this is sure to be a fourth.

  9. Travis Aker says:

    Clips of songs are not really good indicators of good the album really going to be, considered that they put two years into it,I think its going to be really a classic just like Moon Is Down, Chris Carabba’s vocals has gotten a lot better,well see when more full songs come out,don’t be two judgmental on it yet.

  10. Travis Aker says:

    I mean to how good the indicators my bad.

  11. scott says:

    Can I just say that its nice to see “Emo” in the tags again? Its been to long since a good album dropped from a great emo band like Further Seems Forever or Jimmy Eat World.

  12. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    I liked “The Moon Is Down” least lyric wise. I’m curious to see what the content is like. Maybe it will be Dashboard-ish lyrically? I’m hoping for more diversity.

  13. Owen Pye says:

    This will be a dice roller for sure.
    The curiosity is definitely enough to get me on board though.

  14. Brandon says:

    Does anyone read the comments on YouTube? Some of those “kids” comments are hilarious. “not bad. I miss Rise signing metalcore bands though…” lol.

    • Brandon says:

      Holy crap, I just spent the past 30 minutes reading the comments on non-metalcore Rise Bands Music Videos (Hot Water Music, A Loss For Words, Transit) and I can’t believe the idiocy of those little kids making comments. Yikes!

    • JoshIVM says:

      To be fair it’s not much different than non-metalcore loves complaining about Rise Records so much.

  15. Ty says:

    This teaser rules. I can’t wait. This may be the only record the beats, “that band that got dropped by t&n, whos name i forget, but for some reason everybody loves”, for most enjoyable rock record of the year. ;)

  16. jim says:

    Im about to die! Can’t wait!

  17. brock says:

    yyyesss! further seems forever is one of my favourite bands of all time! same with dashboard! what a combination of sounds!

  18. Sam says:

    Kinda weird to think of Further Seems Forever being on the same label as Memphis May Fire and Before Their Eyes. *shrugs* Still pumped for it.

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