The Modern Post (Dustin Kensrue) – Grace Alone

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The Modern Post (Dustin Kensrue) – Grace Alone

Check out the brand new track “Grace Alone” by Dustin Kensrue (frontman for Thrice) in his new worship centered group, The Modern Post, Service Quality Essay. ]

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27 Responses to 'The Modern Post (Dustin Kensrue) – Grace Alone'

  1. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    Weird hearing the word “predestined” in a praise/worship song. Not necessarily a bad thing. Just a first for me, I think. #calvinistworship

  2. DT says:

    Great sound! Sad theology. I think Beggars is an excellent song about grace, but what’s there in that song doesn’t have to go this direction. I easily look past theological differences with My Epic since they are pure amazing with beautiful lyrics. Doing the same with this may be tough since I will naturally end up comparing whatever Dustin does in The Modern Post to his work in Thrice, which was a lot more open-ended lyrically.

  3. robshameless says:

    sounds like top 40 rock like phinx or kings of leon

  4. Travis Aker says:

    That was awesome!!!!

  5. jthejust says:

    Let’s get a theological debate going!

  6. platypusguy says:

    Not awful, but kind of disappointing when compared to Thrice.

  7. dcg says:

    After listening to the song several times I am really liking it.
    I really enjoyed Thrice and most all of their albums. I like the sound of The Modern Post too.
    Lyrically I find the content to be no different from the themes of later Thrice albums…just spoken more plainly -if that makes sense?
    There are some deep embedded truths in the song. I will always respect an artist who makes pure art from their heart- no matter the genre, or subject matter of their art.

  8. John says:

    Why is it sad theology? I’m confused by that post.

    • DT says:

      Sad to me. There’s no super heresy in this song, ha, or in anything Dustin will do I’m sure. That would be me, so no worries.

      I simply disagree with the theology in the song, as I do with most of Christianity–just so you know. I don’t feel the desire to get too specific at the moment because I’m not into theological debates. Theological debates are flawed in many ways for the simple reason that anything beyond the existence of a higher power of some kind is faith not fact.

      I intended to basically say what dcg did. These lyrics are more straightforward, which for me takes away from some of the value I found in Thrice; Beggars, being a personal example for me.

    • Lucas says:

      “Theological debates are flawed in many ways for the simple reason that anything beyond the existence of a higher power of some kind is faith not fact.”

      I’m probably just being dense because it’s late but I find THIS statement confusing. Not wanting to debate at all myself, but I’m curious if you elaborate on this DT.

    • DT says:

      In my experience, when the typical person debates it is to prove their position and disprove another position. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. It is not fact. Faith is not about proving anything… it’s about ‘faith-ing’ something. I think trying to prove faith beliefs (perhaps they should be faiths–not beliefs?) is ultimately futile and endlessly argumentative.

      Many theologians will clarify that their views operate under the presupposition of the Bible as inerrant and that’s where faith becomes fact and they then feel the authority to argue away. The Bible, regardless of it’s supposed (by faith) authority or inerrant nature, is still vague enough on many things that so much of what we debate cannot be proven to be “fact” even under the presupposition that it is the inerrant Word of God and factual. Nor is the New Testament a legal document handed to us personally and literally by God that should be subjected to the level of scrutiny theologians place it under to find various “truths.”

      I think this is how we end up with so many denominations who all have their own apologetic writings to say how they’re doctrines are more correct than others. Everyone ends up thinking they’re right and others are wrong as they abandon true faith for a fake “faith” of fake “facts,” which is a travesty that makes theological debates silly and largely fruitless, in my heretical opinion of course.

      I really don’t know if that helps, but I gave it a shot?

    • DT says:

      Lucas, I replied and it seems it may have been caught in a spam filter or something? We’ll see what happens. If nothing happens, the short of it was that in debates people are often trying to prove and disprove. Faith isn’t fact that can be wielded in debate. Faith isn’t about proving or disproving. When people try to prove the details of their faith, it often gets out of hand since everyone believes they are more right than others with no real facts to support them… only “faith” “facts”. Theological debates have the tendency to be messy, no fun, and pointless in the grand scheme of what real faith is all about, so I avoid them.

      I obviously do say when I disagree with someone according to my personal faith. That may be hypocritical of me? But I have my reasons. I still enjoy what I would call ‘theological discourse,’ although I’m not sure that would be a safe wording? Basically, I enjoy discussing faith with a mutual openness to new ideas and a realization that my ideas may be wrong.

  9. Travis Aker says:

    This just proves how talented of a musician that Dustin Kersue is. He is using his gift for the glory of God by leading people into worshiping the King of Kings,and The Great I am with more of a unique twist then most other worship bands are doing,

  10. taras91 says:

    saw them play on sunday at church.

  11. Logan Flaming says:

    This what worship music should sound like. Unique, creative and passionate.

  12. First impression… these lyrics have a lot more worship cliché phrases than most of Dustin’s earlier songwriting… but the sound is cool and I will listen to it some more before forming an opinion.

  13. Part of the melody sounds similar to The Get Up Kids – Campfire Kansas. I am not totally sold on the arrangement but overall I enjoy the song.

  14. evan144 says:

    It’s good, but they sound like a The Cure cover band haha! One would swear that those synths and guitars come straight out of songs like “Lovesong” or even more so “Just Like Heaven”.

  15. Josh says:

    I understand people might not expect Dustin to be so blatant/preachy with his lyrics, because that’s the way it’s been now for a while with Thrice. But it should be kept in mind that this is a band that leads worship on Sunday mornings at a brick-and-mortar church, and the lyrics need to be somewhat simple and group/congregation-oriented. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for bringing depth to Sunday morning worship, trust me- I don’t like most of what is sung in typical protestant circles these days. But too much complexity in this context can be distracting. “All the World Is Mad” is a great song about man’s depravity, “Beggars” is a great song about grace, etc. But I wouldn’t use either of those songs in a congregational singing context.

    As for the theology being sad… really?
    I mean, I can only guess that people are talking about the predestination thing. But I truly believe an Arminian would have no problem with this song (now, an open theist might though). Seriously, read Romans. Galatians even. These lyrics are 100% scripturally sound.

  16. platypusguy says:

    Here’s a vid of him playing it acoustic. I kind of like it better than with the band.

  17. Brandon says:

    I just received this ep today (thanks Lori!) and I must say that it’s excellent. It’s different from Thrice stuff for sure but there is still that common familiarity of Dustin’s songwriting/voice. I really enjoy this music and hope it opens the doors for other musicians playing similar music to get heard.

  18. Mike M says:

    so wait, is there no Joybringer EP now? is still a bit better.

  19. Jason says:

    I have to say that Grace Alone probably has the best lyrics in a worship I’ve heard. I find myself overwhelmed by it at time. I listen to the acoustic version more often though. Accepting a more predestination view of salvation is the only way I’ve ever felt confident in assurance.

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