AltPress Streams Abandoned Pools

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AltPress Streams Abandoned Pools

You can check out the title track for Abandoned Pools‘ new album, titled Sublime Currency, over at AltPress. The album hits stores on August 28th via Tooth & Nail. Check out the album cover & tracklisting below.

01. Sublime Currency
02. Hype Is The Enemy
03. Unrehearsed
04. Behemoth
05. 9 Billion
06. Autopilot
07. In Silence
08. Marigolds
09. Legionnaire
10. From Long Sleep
11. In Shadows

10 Responses to 'AltPress Streams Abandoned Pools'

  1. Lucas says:

    This song is incredible. Some of the most original sounding music I’ve heard in a while. Can’t really think of anything to compare it to which is a great thing.

  2. Luke Foster says:

    Wow this rules, i could see this album topping his first two easy

  3. Patton says:

    This is way different than his earlier material. Humanistic is a great album. I’ll be interested in hearing the whole record. Should be awesome.

  4. Sam says:

    This song is kinda neat. I think I’m getting to like this guy, although I have to admit, the song/video for “Mercy Kiss” is weeeeeeiiiiiird.

  5. Travis Aker says:

    I don’t like it.

  6. Brandon says:

    This is different for Tooth & Nail and I really dig it. Can’t wait to hear the full album.

  7. this album is definitely worth getting excited over. I bet this will win some awards over at JFH at the end of the year. it deserves to at least.

    • Lucas says:

      You’ve heard it? So it’s as amazing as the first single and snippets make it out to be? I hadn’t even heard of Abandoned Pools until he signed to T&N and I’m so incredibly excited about this.

    • press advance stream. his older stuff is great too, more of a rock edge. it’s not my album of the year, but it’s definitely a fresh sound.

    • Lucas says:

      Okay I’m really dumb. I read “press advance stream” and I started searching immediately for something that said “advance stream” so I could press it and listen to the album. Then I reread the post and now I understand.

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