Shakedown Boulevard – Heart of a Fighter

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Shakedown Boulevard – Heart of a Fighter

I am excited to finally bring you one of my personal favorites, Writing Phd Proposal go. 2011 full length release “Heart of a Fighter” for FREE download right here at Indie Vision Music. Included is all 14 tracks plus album cover and bonus track (Squad Five-0 Cover of “Bombs Over Broadway”). Get all 15 tracks below. If you’re a fan of groups like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, The Hold Steady, Gasoline Heart, and even Squad Five-0, you’ll love these guys.

Homeworks Illumination Help. [Approximately 100MB/Songs in 320kbps Mp3 format]
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Face the Facts
[audio:|titles=Shakedown Boulevard – Face the Facts]
Sink to the Bottom
[audio:|titles=Shakedown Boulevard – Sink To the Bottom]
One More Time For the Road
[audio:|titles=Shakedown Boulevard – One More Time For the Road]
We Won’t Back Down
[audio:|titles=Shakedown Boulevard – We Won’t Back Down]
Glory to Come
[audio:|titles=Shakedown Boulevard – Glory To Come]
Heart of a Fighter
[audio:|titles=Shakedown Boulevard – Heart of a Fighter]
Bombs Over Broadway [Bonus Track/Squad Five-0 Cover]
[audio:|titles=Shakedown Boulevard – Bombs Over Broadway (Squad 5-0 Cover)]

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Shakedown Boulevard is setting out to change the downward spiral know as today’s pop culture with their debut album entitled “Heart of a Fighter”. Rock n roll will make its return to center stage with this 14 song album that is both nostalgic and current. With the right blend of classic rock n roll and pop hooks, Heart of a Fighter will satisfy the teenage angst that still lingers somewhere deep inside of all us. Shakedown Boulevard finds the small common ground that is shared by R&B, Classic Rock, Punk, and Pop. With instant classics like Sink to the Bottom, Glory to Come, and One More Time for the Road, this feel good rock n roll will make you want to go to your closet and dust off your dancing shoes. While the music world lies in shambles wondering why no greatness can be found in fake music and façades, Shakedown Boulevard stands tall and brings the anthem “We Won’t Back Down” to a world crying out for something real!

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  1. thruchristalone777 says:

    Hey Brandon, the download link isn’t working for me. I tried it on a couple different browsers.

  2. Great release, thank you so much for the download! They are a great band, and the cover of Bombs over Broadway is a decent cover. I still have the original Squad 5-0 CD with the twin towers. Was a prophetic album/song!

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