Send Out Scuds – High Score Free Ep

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Send Out Scuds – High Score Free Ep

We are proud to present the newest ep from Ska/Pop/Punk band, Help Child Focus On Homework. . Check them out, they’re SKAtastic! Student Essay On Friendship.
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    1. 10,000 Ladders
    [audio:|titles=Send Out Scuds – 10,000 Ladders]
    2. I Feel Like I Am Taking Crazy Pills
    [audio:|titles=Send Out Scuds – I Feel Like I Am Taking Crazy Pills]
    3. Not Another Infomercial
    [audio:|titles=Send Out Scuds – Not Another Infomercial]
    4. Between the Lines
    [audio:|titles=Send Out Scuds – Between the Lines]
    5. Ska Lives!
    [audio:|titles=Send Out Scuds – Ska Lives!]
    6. Acoustic Scranton
    [audio:|titles=Send Out Scuds – Acoustic Scranton]

    R.I.P Send Out Scuds

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  1. How To Choose Online Essay Writing Service there. says:

    Lol, nice.

  2. Writing And Editing Services. says:

    Nice! I didn’t really know what to expect, but this is good, haha.

  3. Downloading it now. I’ve really liked 10,000 Ladders and Ska Lives on the IVM samplers, so I’m sure I will like this.

  4. So what do you guys/gals think of this ep by Send Out Scuds? I hear the new band The Shindig are working on some super cool ska music that you’ll all want to give a listen to shortly. Also, we are beginning work on Ska Lives Vol. 3 soon……

  5. JP says:

    I adore Send Out Scuds. :)

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