Questions for Memphis May Fire?

By Shawn H on June-24-2012 | Filed under Term Paper Writing Help.

Questions for Memphis May Fire?

I have the amazing opportunity to interview Method Of Writing Application Letter here. on their upcoming Warped Tour 2012 stop in Toronto, Canada. Please help by providing some serious questions for this interview.

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17 Responses to 'Questions for Memphis May Fire?'

  1. GMAN says:

    Given the great reponse to Challenger, have yall accepted that the southern influences are essentially a part of your overall sound now?

  2. Zachary Miller says:

    What is the personal meaning behind the track “Vices”?

  3. Andrew Molenaar says:

    Hey, I just met you….
    and this is crazy…
    but here’s my number…….
    so call me, maybe?

  4. Jonathan says:

    What do you do to stand out in a crowded genre?

  5. kelly says:

    Hey, I Have A Huge Question Because On Their First Album These Guys Were Not Christians!!!! Are You Guys A Christian Band? Are Each Of You Individually Christians, Or Just Some Of You? Do You Guys Preach At Your Shows? Do You Guys Write Positive Lyrics? And Do You Guys Spread The Word Of God As Much As Possible, And Read The Bible Whenever You Can?

    • Mike says:

      There are a lot of christians in bands in the general market that choose not to label themselves as a “Christian band” so that they don’t have to answer to Christians accusing them of not being good enough Christians, or not preaching enough, or spreading the word as much as possible. Memphis May Fire is probably one of those bands.

      I don’t have a question for them, but I would like to thank them for reaching out to those who would most likely not listen to them if they knew that they might be Christians.

    • Ian says:

      I want to thank Mike for his view, I totally agree. I think it is better that if they are Christians on a personal level not to label their band that way. It severely limits their reach sometimes. As a Christian myself I love these guys, and Christian or not they have lyrics that are up lifting and are ethical in this generation.

      “I don’t have a question for them, but I would like to thank them for reaching out to those who would most likely not listen to them if they knew that they might be Christians.”

      Gospel right there.

    • I was also unda the impresion that this was a secula band, kely.

  6. drum_mer says:

    I love this band, can’t get enough of their music. So pumped I get to see them Aug. 4 at Warped Tour. I want to know everything kelly said and also where their inspiration came from for “Challenger”. It’s a very passionate album so it’d be interesting to know what fueled them on this record.

    • GMAN says:

      I think I can answer that actually! haha. In the new Substream mag article about them, Matty answers that question:

      “…lyrically it’s a concept album that’s about the band. It’s about what it’s like to be in a touring band, and to be us, the five of us, the things we struggle with, things that most people don’t really see, behind the scenes things about bands…we really wanted this album to be an anthem for bands to relate to and be able to listen to and have it as an emotional release to cope with this lifestyle.”

      Great article. I recommend picking up this issue!

  7. drum_mer says:

    Thank you GMAN. Guess i have to come up with a new question haha. Why did they change their sound drastically on the Hollow? Was it Rise’s influence or were they just wanting to expand their sound?

  8. drum_mer says:

    Also what is with Danny Worsnop’s part in “Losing Sight” I haven’t known him to be a christian or anything close to it yet his lyric part is very god based. I would like Matty to explain that song.

  9. jthejust says:

    What was the idea behind the album artwork for Challenger?

  10. Derek O. says:

    Did you approach the recording process differently this go around? What’s with the weird album artwork? If you could tour with any band, who would it be? What is your favorite movie? What musicians inspired you to get into music? Can you explain the story behind “Prove Me Right”?

  11. taras91 says:

    Explain the background of the song “Miles Away”.

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