Capital Lights – Coldfront Heatstroke (Lyric Video)

By Brandon J. on June-12-2012 | Filed under Homework Help Iphone App.

Check out the lyric video from Capital Lights for their song “Coldfront Heatstroke”. New album “Rhythm N Moves” is out July 17th on Tooth & Nail.

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5 Responses to 'Capital Lights – Coldfront Heatstroke (Lyric Video)'

  1. It’s great to know they’re back. This song is so catchy.

  2. Scott says:

    Man this song spoke to me. Definitely been in one of those relationships.

  3. Logan Flaming says:

    Man, this song rules. I like it more every time I listen.

  4. matt says:

    Pretty poppy for them, and I personally can’t relate to this song at all. However, I did unconsciously start bobbing my head along with it. I am SO stoked that Capital Lights is back, and can’t wait for the album.

  5. Brett says:

    Anyone else think this sounds really country? Nearly a bit Taylor Swift

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