The Eleventh Hour – Purpose

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The Eleventh Hour – Purpose

Today we are offering you a stream from East Coast based Alt-Rock band, Dissertation Defence Board. . The band recently completed recording their new ep “Therapy” with Paul Leavitt (Circa Survive, All Time Low, The Dangerous Summer, Senses Fail). If you enjoy this song, you’ll be able to download it for free on Passionate Hope 2 beginning July 1st. The band’s new ep, “Therapy” will release on June 15th.
Listen: The Eleventh Hour “Purpose”
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The Eleventh Hour is nigh. The setting sun anticipates the culmination of a day. But as one day ends, a new day begins. Each day is a gift, an opportunity to love, serve, and enrich those around you. The Eleventh Hour is a call to action to live a life of purpose, as ambassadors making known the love that Christ has shown the world. Remembering that our days on earth are numbered, but the dawn of a new day awaits us as inheritors of His kingdom.

The Eleventh Hour is a new concept and a new beginning for singer-songwriter Cliff Roebuck in December 2011. With a solid rock backbone and Progressive, Alternative, and Pop undertones. this band has a sound that will demand your attention! Having just released their debut EP “Epiphany” and just got off the road from touring the east coast twice, The Eleventh Hour is making a statement, and name for themselves. The Eleventh Hour is embarking on their 40 day summer tour with Audiostrobelight in Virginia Beach, Random Holiday from Winchester VA, and Rosedale from Canada and Count to Four from New Jersey will be appearing on a few select dates. This tour is in promotion of their new EP titled “Therapy.” Therapy was recorded with Paul Leavitt in Baltimore, who has worked with bands like Circa Survive, All Time Low, the Dangerous Summer, and Senses Fail.

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  1. Karima Nunez says:

    Hey guys, Cliff played at Aroma’s tonight and I just wanted to say he was AMAZING! I live in Florida, but when I lived in Newport News, I would come to Aroma’s every Wednesday night and would get super excited that Cliff would be there. Y’alls band is incredible and I can’t wait to see your fanbase grow and people to recognize how ridiculously talented y’all are! Keep it up! I will be taking your music with me down south! Good luck! <3

    P.S. He sang a song tonight about "making your world a little brighter" and I missed the title of the song. Can you help me out? I loved it (:

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