Glower – Spectra

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Glower – Spectra

We are proud to present to you a stream from the new group, Glower, titled “Spectra”. Glower features Hands member, Josh Sibernagel, among other members. They are best described as “space pop” but I sense a heavy dose of quirky 90’s alt rock ala Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr., Sunny Day Real Estate, The Violet Burning, Plankeye. Listen below. Also it’s worth noting that the band will be releasing this song on a split 7″ with the band To Leave a Trace, on Veritas Vinyl later this summer.

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Listen: Glower “Spectra”
[Bio] Glower is the new creative outlet for a few of North Dakota’s music scene veterans. The band currently consists of Josh Silbernagel (Hands), Ryan Veitch (Solar Systems) and Sean Murray (Solar Systems, The Diversion Scene), though there are also a couple of other folks we are trying to coerce into coming on board who will hopefully be locked down soon.

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The idea is simple. Make music we like. Drawing on diverse and eclectic influences we hope that the results will be interesting, and if we’re lucky… maybe even compelling. Check out our music out if you’d like and decide for yourself.

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Our debut track ‘Spectra’ is now streaming and will be available later this summer as a part of a split 7″ single with Ukranian band To Leave A Trace on Veritas Vinyl. More details coming soon!

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  1. Andrew Molenaar says:

    HA! YES! THIS IS GREAT!!!! I’ve been waiting on this one for a while!

  2. JoshIVM says:

    Nice! I’m a fan of the sounds from this era.

  3. aww yeah this is 90’s I dig it a lot

  4. Thanks for the support! Definatly alot of 90’s alternative rock influences involved in this thing. No shame admitting that!

  5. thruchristalone777 says:


  6. Iaya97 says:

    Sweet! Make a trip down to Vermillion, SD this fall.

  7. fusse says:

    Very awesome. <3

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